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Updated on July 2nd, 2019

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CakeHR by HR Bakery is performance management software that forms part of their human resources (HR) management solution. Other CakeHR features include self-service and leave management, scheduling and timesheets, onboarding and offboarding, employee directory and database, and more.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing


$5.70 per employee if billed monthly, $4.00 billed annually

Leave Management

$6.00 per employee if billed monthly, $4.20 billed annually

Time Sheets

$2.15 per employee if billed monthly, $1.50 billed annually

Shift Scheduling

$3.60 per employee if billed monthly, $2.50 billed annually


$1.45 per employee if billed monthly, $1.00 billed annually

CakeHR Review

Pros: User-friendly dashboard. Customizable.

Cons: Less integrations than some competitors. Does not integrate with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bottomline: Performance management software that assists your business to reduces emails, automate tasks, and cut down on Excel sheets.

Key Information:


Norberts Erts, Kaspars Upmanis



Number of Employees



London, United Kingdom


Kaspars Upmanis


5 Hamilton Gardens, London, UK NW8 9PT


+44 203-129-0269





julianna.gordimova -

Very intuitive and easy to use. Gives a lot of customization options, yet doesn't overwhelm me. I love it, and highly recommend it! Your team will thank you. :)

vlada.liashchenko -

The best software for HR/recruiters. Using it for almost four years. Highly recommended.

FrettyFrancis -

I am currently using CakeHR, and I highly recommend it.


What is CakeHR's price range?

CakeHR's monthly pricing for their Performance plan is $5.70 per employee if billed monthly, and $4.00 if billed annually. CakeHR's cost will depend on which of their other HR services you add to the Performance Plan. For their pricing calculator, visit CakeHR's pricing page.

See CakeHR full list of prices.

Is there a CakeHR free trial?

Yes. Visit Cake HR's homepage to access your 14-day free trial.

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Where can I find come CakeHR reviews?

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