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Learn about VIPparcel’s online postage printing service for businesses. Includes info on VIPparcel, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 3rd, 2019

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VIPparcel is an online postage printing platform for businesses. VIPparcel solutions include printing shipping labels, tracking shipments and buying postage online. Businesses can use VIPparcel to streamline shipping processes.


VIPparcel is completely free and you will only incur charges for your postage requirements. You can calculate your postage here.


Pros: Easy to create, manage and track shipments, and great discounted USPS shipping labels.

Cons: No mobile access.

Bottomline: Amazing platform that efficiently manages shipping operations.

Key Information:


Snezhana Bogatin

Year Founded



Huntingdon Valley, PA

Number of Employees



Snezhana Bogatin


111 Buck Road, Unit 1100, Huntingdon Valley, PA, United States 19006


+1 844-727-2355





SylviaKovac -

I love VIPparcel online postage. Will never stand in line at the post office again!

ineedbtc123 -

Dont Use Vip ParcelWont refund $50 sent via btc to original bitcoin address and wont allow me to change email - garbage service.

IheartDPP -

anyone heard of 'vipparcel', they claim to offer first class postage w/o any monthly bills - I looked into their services in January.At that time, their FAQ said they offered Commercial Plus pricing. But their rate calculator was between Commercial Base and Retail. I asked about that discrepancy and they said oops, changed their FAQ, and told me they offered Commercial Base pricing. That simply wasn't true, it was higher than CBP. At the time you had to buy prepay the postage in $50 increments, in advance.They make their money by charging you more than, Endicia etc charge for the exact same weight/size/zip. So no, there is no monthly fee but you are paying more per label.Because of their misleading (deceptive?) advertising of their prices I wanted nothing to do with them.

Voidfang_Investments -

Personally, I like VIPparcel. Been using them a lot for my eBay business.

CrispyMoDz -

I use VipParcel, great service and customer support.


What is VIPparcel?

VIPparcel is an online postage service that allows users to create and print USPS labels.

Read more about VIPparcel here.

Is there a VIPparcel free trial?

VIPparcel’s software is completely free. You can calculate your postage here.

Read our VIPparcel review.