Shiptheory Review

Learn about Shiptheory shipping software. Includes info on Shiptheory, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on June 26th, 2020

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Shiptheory is a shipping software service that offers shipping automation, flexible shipping rules and label printing, among other features.


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Pros: Automated shipping labels and tracking information.

Cons: Does not interface with Magento.

Bottomline: Shiptheory is an excellent shipping platform that saves plenty of time.

Key Information:

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Hightower IT


James Mikkelson

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Jan 01, 2015


4.1 Paintworks Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3EH, United Kingdom

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Nick Holdsworth -

Shiptheory started fine, we loath NetDespatch, but never mind, we didn't need to use it that much as all the work would be done in Shiptheory. Then it stated to slowdown. Apparently they are aware that this is a problem. Now it doesn't work at all, the staff can't be bothered even to see if it's going to work, it's quicker to use NetDespatch. Support has been crap all we get is 'sorry'. Not even an email or phone call when I told them we'd given up. The problem is that without being able to produce labels efficiently we now need to change the whole of our ERP: 'Thanks' guys for absolutely nothing. PS and another irritating thing is that they put 'love from' in their responses. Incredibly unprofessional and patronising, especially when you'd like to scream at them. PPS: unfortunately I had to choose 1 star: I had hoped to choose zero.

Adam1 -

For the last 6 years we have been manually copy pasting shipping details for orders one field at a time. When I discovered Shiptheory it was one of those "I gotta have it" moments. So much so that I was very concerned I wouldn't be able to integrate it, being the sole""technical" contact in our organisation. But the support team at ShipTheory made it very painless. And as soon as the site went live it became apparent how much easier and quicker it was to use when compared to our old method. The became even more apparent when our new website site really took off and it occurred to me that it simply would not have been feasible to process all our next day delivery orders, without this new time-saving extension. Pick your orders. Ship your orders. Login to ShipTheory and print your labels. Job done. Now you can process ALL your labels in LESS TIME than it used to take to do ONE MANUALLY. Simply a must-have module. Very simple. Excellent support. Oh, and did I mention that it is FREE????? Cons: Hard to come up with any negatives for this tool. I guess it would be nice if I didn't even have to leave the Magento Admin area to log-in to the ShipTheory website. But that is being really picky, and just more of a wish-list suggestion for the developers and future updates. Can't think of anything else I would improve at all.

cdavies -

Very quick responses to emails etc so highly recommended. Never get problems after initial setup which seems to be rare nowadays. System just works. We have to use this as part of Brightpearl shipping but when we leave I am hoping that we can transfer Shiptheory to the new system. I can highly recommend shiptheory should you be considering implementing their system into your daily activity. We use Royal Mail and Interlink only within the shiptheory system and the shipping is directed to Brightpearl where it is integrated into labels.

logistics -

The App's made by the Shiptheory team are a must have if your company is involved in distance selling, we used to manually book in our DPD orders, costing time and sometimes missing email and other tracking related info.Now this operation is done automatically with no need for the warehouse team to even think about it. We also use the 13ten integration by Ship theory, this has also saved loads of time processing the 13ten labels which appear on our goods out note automatically now. The Shipteory team were more than happy to help integrate there services into our workflow, and add some customisation for our needs. Very happy and well worth the money.

nicola -

A fantastic product, built to be easy to use (and pretty) with a support team that was both helpful and knowledgable in answering my questions. They have been a pleasure to deal with. Working quickly on solving my issue with steady communication throughout.


What is Shiptheory's price range?

Shiptheory pricing ranges from $0.00 to $300.00 per month. Contact Shiptheory for a quote on an Enterprise plan.

Is there a Shiptheory free trial?

Shiptheory offers a fully-featured 14-day free trial of its service.