Universal Information Services Reviews

Read about Universal Information Services's news clipping service with our in-depth review. Includes comparisons with PR Newswire and Google News Alert.

Updated on June 8th, 2020

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Universal Information Services is a leading media monitoring and news analysis platform. With this service, users can actively monitor competitors, industry trends, and keep track of television, radio, web, social, and print content.

Pros and Cons:


  • Monitors broadcast TV, online, social media, radio, and print.
  • Includes PR measurement and media distribution features.
  • Offers traditional press clipping services.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Individual monitoring services are expensive.
  • You pay extra for PR enhancement services.


Universal Information Services is recognized as one of the top-rated news monitoring and analysis services thanks to its competitive prices, wide media coverage, and PR measurement tools. Suited for businesses of all sizes, Universal Information Services helps clients effortlessly track, manage, and analyze an unlimited stream of media coverage.


Universal Information Services monitors a wide range of media channels, including broadcast TV, radio, print, online, social media, and journals. Unlike competitor Google News Alerts, Universal Information Services has additional features on offer that provide a more complete media relations management service, including PR measurement tools, daily news reports, and construction leads and bids.


Universal Information Services' more robust features cost extra, which could significantly impact the final price. In addition, its expensive to purchase individual monitoring services, making it less appealing to startups and small teams that don't require a full media monitoring package.


Universal Information Services has been BBB accredited since 2013 and has an A+ rating. However, there were no customer reviews or complaints listed. We did find 14 reviews on G2, which accumulated to an average of five stars. All reviews were extremely positive, praising the service, reliability, and wide media coverage.




Construction Leads & Bids

$100.00 /mo.

Radio Monitoring

$99.00 /mo.

Press Clippings

$120.00 /mo. + $0.70 /page.

Web & Social Media Monitoring

$150.00 /mo.

TV Monitoring

$199.00 /mo.

Media Contact Database & Distribution

Starting at $2,600.00 /yr.

Alpha Clippings

Starting at $225.00 /mo.

Universal Information Services vs. PR Newswire
Universal Information Services vs. PR Newswire:

Both Universal Information Services and PR Newswire offer comprehensive packages that cover print, broadcast, and online platforms. However, they differ when it comes to features, with Universal Information Services offering more robust tools like PR measurement, media contact database, and an online-based newsroom.

Universal Information Services vs. PR Newswire Comparison:


Universal Information Services

PR Newswire

Starting Price

$99.00 /mo.

Quote only.

Media Sources

Print, broadcast, online, radio, journals

Print, broadcast, online

Social Media Monitoring


Press Clippings


Universal Information Services vs. Google News Alerts
Universal Information Services vs. Google News Alerts:

Google News Alerts falls short in many areas when compared to Universal Information Services despite being free for Google users. Universal Information Services' prices start at $99.00 per month but its services are superior, including everything from measurement tools and daily briefings, to digital presentations and traditional press clippings.

Universal Information Services vs. Google News Alerts Comparson:


Universal Information Services

Google News Alerts

Starting Price

$99.00 /mo.


Media Sources

Print, broadcast, online, radio, journals


Social Media Monitoring




Press Clippings


Check out our list of the best news clipping services for a more in-depth package comparison of Google News Alerts, PR Newswire, and Universal Information Services.

Universal Information Services Plans:

Universal Information Services gives clients the choice of purchasing a monitoring service separately or part of their full media monitoring package, which includes TV, radio, print, and web and social media monitoring. The company's traditional press clipping services are a key selling point as many of Universal Information Services' competitors do not offer this service.

With Universal Information Services' interactive press clipping platform, businesses can easily search, organize, store, and share clippings to help actively manage media crises and improve brand awareness.

Other Services by Universal Information Services:

  • Media Monitoring Bundle Package.
  • PR Measurement.
  • Daily News Briefs.
  • Digital Presentation.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Universal Information Services, Inc.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1908


1700 Farnam Street, #1260, Omaha, NE 68102, USA

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (800) 408-3178




How much does Universal Information Services cost?

Universal Information Services' pricing ranges between $99.00 and $225.00 per month.

Does Universal Information Services offer a free trial?

No, Universal Information Services does not offer a free trial.

What are some Universal Information Services alternatives?