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Learn about The BizChix, a business podcast created for women entrepreneurs. Includes most popular episodes, key information, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on October 5th, 2021

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The BizChix is a business podcast specifically created for women entrepreneurs. Hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, the podcast provides practical tips, guidance, and strategies to help women entrepreneurs create successful businesses.




Richard Branson funded Tech Entrepreneur Stacey Ferreira: Coder. Risk Taker. Future Cage Diver

Interview with tech entrepreneur and MySocialCloud co-founder Stacey Ferreira. Includes Stacey's origin story, business advice, and discusses her next business venture.


[On Air Coaching] How to Specialize with Rae Walaska

Coaching session with Rae Walaska, successful entrepreneur and business coach. Provides valuable tips, advice, and motivation.


Mentors and Masterminds with Nicole Walters Naptural Nicole of Monetize Thyself

Discussion with business executive and marketing expert Nicole Walters. Nicole shares her expertise in monetizing multibillion dollar corporations.


From Side Hustle to a Team of 20 with Sarah Ziemba

Sarah Ziemba joins host Natalie Eckdahl to discuss how she turned her side hustle into a growing business.


[On Air Coaching] How to Pick a Niche with Anne Torrez

In this coaching session, Anne Torrez shares her insights and tips on how to pick a niche.


The Stages of Small Business - the BizChix Entrepreneur Growth Framework

Host Natalie Eckdahl reveals the different stages of a small business. Discusses the entrepreneur growth framework presented at the 2017 BizChix Live conference.


[High Performing Women] Growing a 7 Figure Business, Launching a Certification Program and Permission to be Selfish with Cate Stillman of Yogahealer

Founder of Yogahealer, host of multiple podcasts, and successful entrepreneur Cate Stillman joins the podcast to talk about growing a 7 figure business.


Simplify Your Business with the 80/20 Rule

Join host Natalie Eckdahl as she reveals tips on how you can leverage the 80/20 rule in your business.


Six Online Tools for Entrepreneurs via The Biz Chix Nest

Host Natalie Eckdahl is joined by six women entrepreneurs to discuss the different online tools for entrepreneurs. Includes informative tips and advice.


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Natalie Eckdahl

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Who is Natalie Eckdahl?

Natalie Eckdahl is a business coach, facilitator, professional speaker, and the host of the BizChix business podcast. Using her extensive business history and experience, Natalie created a well-thought-out and inclusive podcast for women business owners. In addition, Natalie is the host of the annual leadership conference for women entrepreneurs, BizChix Live.

Why should I listen to The BizChix?

The BizChix is the ideal business podcast for aspiring and accomplished women entrepreneurs. The podcast focuses on the challenges women entrepreneurs face on an everyday basis with the help of informative interviews and discussions. The show provides actionable tips, advice sessions, and the right encouragement. Try listening to our choice of the 10 most popular episodes to see if you enjoy the podcast.

Where can I listen to The BizChix?

You can listen to The BizChix on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.