Beyond the To-Do-List

Learn about Beyond the To-Do-List, a business podcast created for business owners. Includes most popular episodes of the show, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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Beyond the To-Do-List is a business podcast hosted by Erik Fisher. Includes interviews and discussions with experts on all aspects of productivity, choosing the right projects, and getting good work done.




Focus: Jaime Masters on Focus, Flow, Time Tracking and Nootropics

Author, business coach, and CEO of Eventual Millionaire Jamie Masters sits down with host Erik Fisher to discuss time tracking, remaining goal driven, and Nootropics.


Growth: Jessica Hartung on Finding Meaning in Work, Owning Your Own Growth and the Power of Reflection

In this episode, the founder of Integrated Work Jessica Hartung joins the show to talk about finding meaning in your work.


Episode 248: Technology: Dan Schawbel on Connection, Technology and Teams – BTTDL249

Sit down interview with author, business founder, and expert Dan Schawbel. Includes tips on how to integrate communication technology into your team.


Episode 227: Creativity: Jon Kolko on Critiques and Creating a Culture of Creativity – BTTDL228

Author and business founder Jon Kolko joins the podcast to discuss including creativity in your company.


Episode 186: Overlap: Sean McCabe on Career Transitions, Strategy and Intention – BTTDL187

Interview with author Sean McCabe. Offers valuable tips on how to effectively change careers and business strategies.


Meetings: Steven Rogelberg on The Science of Meetings and How To Fix Them - BTTDL280

Author, researcher, and consultant Steven Rogelberg reveals the secrets meetings. Includes actionable tips and advice.


Episode 191: Choices: Peter Shankman on Decision Fatigue, Boundaries and ADHD – BTTDL192

Peter Shankman, American entrepreneur and author, joins the show to discuss the challenges entrepreneurs face.


Episode 172: Discipline: Rob Hatch on Ownership, Systems and Discipline – BTTDL173

In this conversation, Rob Hatch talks about ownership and discipline. The show includes advice and tips.


Episode 163: Remote Working: The Productivity Pub Crawl – BTTDL164

Todd Bushong joins host Erik Fisher to discuss working from home.


Episode 152: Progress: Mike Vardy on Competition, Overwhelm and Priorities – BTTDL153

Writer and productivity expert Mike Vardy provides effective tips on how to handle competition.


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Erik Fisher

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fakesnakesablaze -

Beyond the to do list definitely has a ton of productivity solutions and he interviews a wide range of interesting people, but I didn’t love the host.

Zantozuken -

I used to listen to "Beyond the To-Do List;" I enjoyed it, but got out of the podcasting habit.

DanielJLewis -

Look at Beyond the To-Do List with Erik Fisher. He talks to people about productivity, but it's more about the personality and ideology behind the productivity, not so much on simple tools. And Erik's interviews are unique—no cookie-cutter questions (except for one he asks every guest)!

enigmatic_concepts -

Also, for OP, Beyond The To-Do List is an awesome show for productivity.


Who is Erik Fisher?

Erik Fisher is the host of the Beyond the To-Do-List podcast show. Created in 2012, Erik uses his platform to discuss tools, tips, and strategies that help entrepreneurs create meaningful and successful businesses.

Why should I listen to Beyond the To-Do-List?

Beyond the To-Do-List reveals the secrets and tips behind choosing the right projects, tasks, and goals in work and life. The podcast is ideal for aspiring business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. Try listening to our choice of the 10 most popular episodes to see if you enjoy the podcast.

Where can I listen to Beyond the To-Do-List?

You can listen to Beyond the To-Do-List on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Overcast.