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Learn about Sonix voice recognition software for businesses. Includes info on Sonix, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on June 24th, 2020

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Sonix is a cloud-based voice recognition and transcription platform that converts audio and video to text. Users have access to a range of features including transcript timestamps, highlighting, and editing tools. With Sonix, users can easily transcribe, manage, and search audio and video files.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing


$10.00/per hour


$5.99/per hour + $22.00 per user /mo.


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Sonix 420X320 20190228

Pros: Fast and accurate. Great audio transcription tool. Offers robust and useful features.

Cons: Lacks automated transcription and concatenated speech features.

Bottomline: Great, reliable option! Offers robust features, including a powerful transcript tool.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Sonix, Inc.


Jamie Sutherland

Founding Date

Apr 20, 2017


1459 18th St. San Francisco, CA, 94107 United States

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




Customer Reviews:



diana.sutherland.566 -

Sonix is a fantastic product for transcribing audio and video. Here are my comments. Super easy to use, most accurate automated service I have tested and really fast, transcript back in under 4 minutes. Wow, that IS fast! So exports and integrations make my workflow that much faster. Lastly, the ability to highlight words is great. All in all, highly recommended.

scottymooremarketer -

Great, easy-to-use software that's absolutely killing the transcription game. I can edit audio by just crossing out words mid-sentence, right from my finished transcription, HOW COOL IS THAT?! Not only is Sonix changing the way we receive and edit our transcriptions, it's completely revolutionizing the way we edit audio by cutting out the middleman. A Podcaster's Dream.

cfbruno -

I am going to guess that no one is monitoring this space just as it is impossible to find any customer service as a user of this service. No phone number, no email address, no help at all. I get my file and have go through it line by line and tell it who is speaking. The program never re-analyses the text to populate the speaker name that I input. The transcription is semi-accurate, but if it cannot recognize voices and learn from my input so that I have to modify every line, the service is useless to me.

wicknbomb -

After checking it out + several others yesterday, I decided to give Sonix a try. I'm very impressed with the accuracy of the transcription. The only time it messed up is when we were talking over each other (which is totally understandable). They have a live editor that will step through the transcript as the recording is playing - super helpful. An hour long show took about 1.25 hours to edit the transcript for. Those results can be seen here:

jessicky -

I don't have to transcribe very often, but I've used Sonix when I need to. They have a 30 minute free transcription and reasonable pricing for more regular use (I think it's like $12/transcription). It is pretty accurate, but I always go through and adjust phrasing and spacing afterwards.


What is Sonix's price range?

Sonix's monthly subscription plans range from $5.99 to $10.00 per hour, plus an additional $22.00 per user per month for the premium plan.

Is there a Sonix free trial?

Yes, Sonix offers a free trial which includes 30 minutes of free transcription.