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Learn about Solutionreach Medical Practice Management Software. Includes info on Solutionreach, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 8th, 2019

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Solutionreach is a medical practice management software that offers patient appointment reminders, healthcare marketing tools and patient relationship management, among other features.


Solutionreach Pricing starts at $299.00 per month.

Solutionreach Reviews

Pros: Plenty of useful features and excellent patient newsletters.

Cons: There are cheaper alternatives.

Bottomline: Solutionreach is an excellent medical practice tool if you are willing to pay a little bit extra.

Key Information:


Jim Higgins




Lehi, UT

Number of Employees



Jim Higgins


2600 N. Ashton Blvd, Lehi, UT, 84043

Phone Number

+1 801-331-7100


News and Activity:


News and Activity

July 10, 2018

Solutionreach Collaborates with Patient Advocate Voices to Share The Patient Perspective

May 15, 2018

Solutionreach Now Integrates with Platinum System to Enhance Patient-Provider Relationships for Chiropractors




tallarob -

I use SolutionReach and am very happy with it. I used to use Televox and like SolutionReach much better

mbrown -

We've switched from Lighthouse to SolutionReach, for the additional features of SR. It has been a large learning curve for us. LH was a bit user friendly but (2 years ago) was lacking in features and reports.

friscoeyeassociates -

We use solution reach, and have also used Demandforce.. Some sort of patient outreach tool is totally necessary and worth the cost in my opinion. It would probably pay for itself in one or two recall's per month depending on your offices revenue/exam value. You could probably even offset the cost eventually by discontinuing post card recalls if your office is doing those, as email recall is more effective.. Personally, I attempt recalls in every single way possible. We use solution reach, post cards, and schedulers calling a daily list of past due appointments...I prefer Solution Reach over DemandForce because it has more robust integration with Crystal and has more practical features that we can easily use, but really both offer very similar services. I think Solution Reach has a better Newsletter Building tool, and also more advanced texting capabilities. It also allows for you to set up a post appointment survey each patient gets where we get valuable feedback on our customer service and frame selection... Hope that helps!

Rodman -

I previously submitted a negative review based on what was ultimately a misunderstanding. I would like to retract that review as Solutionreach has proven to be responsive and resilient to our office's needs. I can unequivocally recommend them and their product, which provides a one stop shop for our dental office online needs, such as, online communication with patients, scheduling, reviews, social media tracking, etc. Integration with our practice management software was seamless and accurate.

Felecia Edwards -

Solution reach has been very helpful to our practice. My favorite features are the appointment reminders and the Newsletter tool. The customer service is really good too. Everyone I have talked to there is always very helpful, knowledgeable and nice.

Chase Cheney -

Solution Reach is top notch and has everything you need to get the job done. I have worked with several offices who use the software and they couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend this product and the staff are all incredibly helpful!


What is Solutionreach's price range?

Solutionreach price plans start from $299.00 per month. Contact Solutionreach for details on an Enterprise plan.

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Is there a Solutionreach free trial?

There is no information on a Solutionreach free trial.

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