Best Free Medical Practice Management Software for 2020

Find out more about the best free medical practice management software for small businesses. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on October 5th, 2020

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Free medical practice management software can be used to manage the day-to-day operations of a small medical practice. Free medical practice management software includes features like record-keeping, billing, scheduling, and more.

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Why We Chose DocMeIn:

DocMeIn offers medical practice managers a host of useful tools and features, including appointment reminders and patient self-service. Healthcare providers laud its balance of rich feature range and ease of use.

DocMeIn is a free platform. Should you wish to make use of more advanced features like text and voice reminders, you will have to upgrade to DocMeIn's premium plan. However, the premium plan is offered at low pay-as-you-go rates, so it is reasonably priced, making DocMeIn a great option for managing appointment scheduling at healthcare facilities

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Medical Practice Management Software:

  1. Ensure that the software integrates with your Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, as there is a fair amount of data sharing between these two applications.
  2. Find out if the software has a patient communication feature. This makes it easier to generate balance statements and send it to patients, and aid any other communication between patient and staff.
  3. As with any free software, you need to determine your unique business needs and find out whether the free version of the software caters to all those needs. If not, you might have to upgrade to a paid account.

Free Medical Practice Management Software:





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Free - unlimited.

A highly recommended software that is entirely free, offers useful features like a patient self-service portal. Does not integrate with medical billing software.

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Free - unlimited.

Excellent online-based medical management software that can be used in a variety of medical practices.

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Free - unlimited.

A good open-source software that combines both electronic health records and medical practice management.

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Free 30-day trial.

An excellent option for small medical practices. Offers a host of useful features.

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Free - unlimited.

Works as both an electronic health records and medical practice management platform. Offers patient registration tracking, detailed reporting, and other useful tools.

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One Touch EMR

Free up to 300 reminders per month.

A comprehensive medical management platform with a wide range of features and plenty of customization options.

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Free - unlimited.

An open-source solution that offers plenty of customization to suit your needs. Lacks product support.

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Practice Fusion

Free 14-day trial.

A reliable medical management solution that offers plenty of functionality with a gentle learning curve.

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What is the best practice management software?

We rank DocMeIn as the best free medical practice management software.

Does free medical practice management software have any limitations?

Like other free programs, free medical practice management tools sometimes place a limit on what features you can access or how many users can operate the software. However, most of the open-source programs in our list offer unlimited access.

Do I need to download my free software, or is it cloud-based?

Some free medical practice management solutions are entirely cloud-based, meaning all you need to do is sign up and you can access the software from anywhere. Others come in the form of installable programs that you need to download to your computer.