Best Registered Agent Services for Small Business

Learn about Registered Agent Services. Includes 50 Registered Agent Service providers with ratings, pricing, and answers to common questions.

Updated on October 5th, 2021

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Registered agents, also known as a resident or statutory agents, are responsible for facilitating communication between the business and the state, sending and receiving official and legal documents on behalf of the company, and ensuring the business is properly notified.

Most states require businesses to appoint a registered agent. Our review of registered agent services can help you select the best registered agent service for your small business.

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Why We Chose Incfile:

Incfile provides registered agent services at an affordable rate, offering the first year of service completely free, and then charging $119.00 annually afterward. Most of their packages include registered agent services and many other features at no extra cost.

Incfile has years of experience and offers top-rated customer service. The company has helped a quarter of a million businesses since it was established in 2004 and is universally praised for its user-friendly approach, and helpful customer support.

Incfile is exceptionally transparent, with no hidden costs or charges for add-ons not forming part of a particular package. There is a large resource center on the website with articles on many relevant issues. And, to cancel the registered agent service, you only need to give them notice and then change your registered agent.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Registered Agent Services:

  1. Consider the reputation of the registered agent service providers in your state.
  2. If your business operates out of several states, the service provider you choose must be able to manage your documents in all of the required states.

Best Registered Agent Services for Small Business:

Our Rank





Affordable, easy to navigate, provides lifetime alerts and support.



Website is user-friendly, and a wide range of services and forms are available.


Northwest Registered Agent

Secure and reliable, registered agent service included in price, but EINs cost extra.



Helps to simplify legal matters, and offers access to attorneys for remote consultation.



Easy-to-use platform for managing legal paperwork, and offers a corporate compliance tool.


Harbor Compliance

Excellent service at affordable fixed rates, compliance specialists, services for entire business life cycle.



Offers discounts on multiple years of Registered Agent service, operates in all 50 states.



Number of packages, fast application process, but filing fees can be expensive.


Corporate Direct

Offers a number of small business solutions, and 4 years of registered agent services can be paid for in advance.


CSC Global

Wide range of business solutions, from incorporation to dissolution.


CT Corporation

Fast turnaround, global service, and wide range of solutions.



Well-established company offering many of its forms and documents for free.



Free basic plan, processing times vary by state, range of services.


Active Filings

Affordable, some services include value-added features.


Convenient, secure, and reasonable price.


Advanced Corporate Agent Services

Offers corporate services catering specifically to law firms.


Capitol Services

Reliable filing services, online corporate identity management tool.


Companies Incorporated

Wide range of services including asset protection, selection of add-ons.


Corporate Creations

State fees included in pricing, price match guarantee, but few informational resources.


Small business division of CSC Global, learning center with extensive resources, money-back compliance guarantee.


First Corporate Solutions

Representative in 50 states, also offers risk management solutions and portfolio management systems.


National Registered Agents, Inc.

Comprehensive range of services and entity management tools, nationwide office network.


US Registered Agents

Reasonably priced services, global network.


Free Registered Agent

Affiliated with InCorp, first year is free, strict cancellation policy.



Aimed at legal firms only, wide range of services, free demo available.


Registered Agent Solutions Inc

A wide range of services, multiple service for a single fee, and offers volume discounts.



Easy-to-use and affordable, offers free company name search, supports multiple languages.


Swyft Filings

Affordable services, free shipping on orders, online access to documents.


URS Agents

Affordable and responsive, free change of agent, offering independent director services.


Universal Registered Agents

Offers affordable services, including filing services at no additional cost.


Resident Agent LLC

All-inclusive service, negotiable pricing, no extra charge for add-ons.


Rapid Registered Agent

Offers many services, various notification options, online portal.


Pacific Registered Agents, Inc.

Offers registered agent services only, no added fees for forwarding documents.


Registered Agents, Inc.

Offices in every state, solutions for start ups and small businesses.


SunDoc Filings

Services include DBA, name reservation, and LLC kits, offers volume discounts.



Fast and reliable, step-by-step guides, registered agent services only included in the Complete Package.


Cogency Global

Multiple services, email notifications, but not available in all states.


USA Corporate Services

Offer registered agent services, bookkeeping services, and new business start-up guide, for non-US residents.


United Corporate Services

Wide range of services, including online tools and resources, and solutions include independent director services.


Platinum Filings

Services in all 50 states, personal assigned representative, including LLC formation services.



Representatives in all states, no fees for change of agent services.


Affordable, represented in all 50 states, and offers managed reports services.


Paranet Corporation Services, Inc.

For law firms and corporations only, services include legal representation.



Services include document retrieval, but online access to documents and reports come at extra cost.



Well-stocked resource database, services include document translations.



Financial services company that offers registered agent services and a selection of web-based tools and platforms.



Legal support company with registered agent services, representatives in all states, small business guides.


Can the LLC owner be the registered agent?

Yes, provided that the address given is not a PO box and that there is an individual available at the address provided to receive mail during regular business hours. However, many businesses use registered agent services.

How do I choose a registered agent for my LLC?

  • Consider the reputation of registered agent service providers in your state.
  • If your business operates out of several states, look for a registered agent's service that can manage your documents in all of the required states.
  • When choosing an individual, consider if this individual can receive documents during regular work hours and deliver them to your business promptly.

Can I use a registered agent as a business address?

Yes, you can use a registered agent as a business address for legal documents and notices to be sent to.

How much does a registered agent cost?

Registered agent costs range between $50.00 and $300.00 per year.

Why do you need a registered agent for an LLC?

Most U.S. states legally require businesses to have a registered agent. A registered agent receives legal documents and delivers them to the business promptly, and ensures that annual reports are submitted on time.

Is a registered agent liable?

Yes. If a registered agent fails to notify the LLC of any fines or outstanding fees, the registered agent is liable for the payment owed should the LLC be sued.

Is the UPS Store a registered agent?

Some UPS stores offer this service. Contact your local UPS branch to find out if they offer registered agent services.

Can the registered agent address be the business address?

Yes. If the business address is not a PO box and operates during regular business hours, it can be the registered agent address.

What is a registered agent for LLC?

A registered agent accepts official and legal documents on behalf of a business to ensure that they are received in a timely manner.

How do I change my registered agent?

To change your registered agent, you must notify the Secretary of State and pay the appropriate filing fee.

Should you be your own registered agent?

There are a few factors that can influence whether a business should have a registered agent or not:

  • If an individual chooses to use their personal address for legal documents, this address will be available on public records. Some individuals may not want this breach of privacy.
  • Registered agent services can be costly, and smaller businesses may not be able to afford these fees.
  • The registered agent for a business must be able to receive mail during regular work hours. Business owners may not be at their home address during regular work hours if they are based at an office elsewhere.
  • Businesses with offices in multiple states would need a registered agent in each state that they operate out of. Using a registered agent service allows businesses to have their information stored by one entity.
  • Registered agent services notify businesses of annual report due dates so that state laws are adhered to.

Who should be your registered agent?

There are a few options for who could or should be your registered agent:

  • An individual with a physical address in the State that your business operates out of.
  • A registered agent service.
  • The accountant or lawyer for the LLC.

Who needs a registered agent?

Most legally registered businesses in the U.S. are required to have a registered agent.

Can my accountant be my registered agent?

Yes, provided that your accountant has a physical address, not a PO box, in the state in which you do business.

How long does it take to change registered agents?

It takes between two and three weeks to change your registered agent.

Can I name myself as registered agent?

Yes, you can name yourself as a registered agent if you have a physical address in the state that the business operates out of.

Is the registered agent of an LLC the owner?

No, the registered agent of an LLC is not the owner. The registered agent is responsible for receiving legal documents and notices on behalf of the business.

Can the post office be a registered agent?

No, the post office cannot be a registered agent because a PO box cannot be used for a registered agent's address.

Who can be a registered agent for a nonprofit?

Anyone who resides in the state in which the nonprofit is registered can be the registered agent.

Can a registered agent use a PO box?

No, a registered agent cannot use a PO box.

How do I find the registered agent of a corporation?

You can find the registered agent of a corporation by locating the state in which the business is registered and contacting the Secretary of State in that state.

What is the difference between a commercial registered agent and a noncommercial registered agent?

The difference between a commercial registered agent and a noncommercial registered agent is that a commercial registered agent is listed with the Secretary of State and a noncommercial agent is not listed.

Can the incorporator also be the registered agent?

Yes, the incorporator of a business can also be the registered agent.

What is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent provides registered agent services in the U.S.