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Learn more about Incfile incorporation services. Includes customer reviews, pricing, key information, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on January 24th, 2020

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Incfile is an LLC formation company that provides small businesses with affordable filing services. Incfile's online platform is easy to navigate and provides lifetime alerts to remind you of upcoming due dates and important filing requirements.

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Pros: Affordable rates, free Registered Agent service for 1 year, online access to documents, lifetime customer support.

Cons: EIN registration and drafting of operating agreements cost extra.

Bottomline: Incfile provides fast and efficient service, as well as ongoing accounting, tax, and legal support.

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Houston, Texas

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17350 State Highway 249, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77064

Phone number

1 (855) 829-9090



What is Incfile?

Incfile is an LLC formation service that helps entrepreneurs to set up a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. Incfile will handle all paperwork and filing for you, so you can focus on your business.

How do I contact Incfile?

You can contact Incfile by calling 1 (855) 829-9090 or by using the live chat feature on the Incfile website.

Is Incfile better than LegalZoom?

Both Incfile and LegalZoom are reputable LLC formation services. However, Incfile charges $30.00 less than Legalzoom to file for an LLC.

How much does it cost to file an LLC with Incfile?

Incfile pricing ranges from $0.00 to $239.00 (excluding state fees), depending on which package you choose.

What services does Incfile offer?

  • Name availability search.
  • Preparation & filing of Articles of Organization.
  • Registered Agent service.
  • Statement and resignation of the organizer.
  • Unlimited phone & email support.
  • Online order status tracking.
  • Free business tax consultation.
  • Next business day processing.
  • Online account.

Customer Reviews:

Trevor Fenner

Reviewed: Aug 06, 2019

Source: Facebook

I recommend INCFile for getting your LLC because I use them myself and they've always provided fast and efficient service. In my opinion, they are one of the Best LLC Services for eCommerce Entrepreneurs.


Reviewed: Aug 19, 2018

Source: Reddit

Yes, they were really easy to use. 10/10 would recommend.


Reviewed: Aug 19, 2018

Source: Reddit

Yes, incfile is great! I’ve used them for my 2nd business and I found their service to be better than legalzoom. They still handle my annual paperwork filing for me and offer on-going accounting, tax, and legal support if you need it.


Reviewed: Aug 19, 2018

Source: Reddit

Kind of late, but I used Incfile. I was actually pretty satisfied with the service and the quality of the LLC kit. I established at a time where I was balancing 4 jobs not to mention the business I was just starting so having someone else do it is nice. The document templates are also helpful on occassions, specifically as a good starting point for editing to make your own documents. I paid the extra money for the expedited filing and the LLC kit. The LLC kit, if you want, is some very nice quality; it includes all of the early documents you'll need, bonds and ledgers (helpful since my LLC is a game studio), and even the seal is really good quality, all in a sturdy binder and solid box. (and it just feels good to see your business name stamped in pleather with gold ink, made it official to me as my first business). Overall, I just liked filling out the form that took practically no time at all and then let someone else take care of it afterwards and boom! business established. The only thing not done was DBA, but I can't remember if I either skipped that or if they charge more than I like for that so I just filed DBA myself.