Realtrac Performance ERP Reviews

View Realtrac Manufacturing ERP for your business. Includes info on Realtrac Manufaturing ERP, reviews, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on March 12th, 2019

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Realtrac Performance ERP is manufacturing software for machine shops, job shops, and make-to-order manufacturers. Realtrac enables businesses to maximize their return on investments by giving an analysis of their current and past status, which assists them to make informed decisions.

Realtrac Performance ERP Pricing:

Realtrac Performance ERP starts at $1,290.00, which includes initial training, according to our research. Realtrac does not provide pricing for their Performance ERP on their website.

Realtrac Performance ERP Reviews
Realtrac Performance ERP Summary:

Pros: Easy search functions, customizable, and provides good customer support.

Cons: Reports are problematic at times. Additional modules need to be purchased for some functions.

Bottomline: Enables your business to be in charge of labor, job, vendor and customer tracking.

Realtrac Performance ERP Key Information:


Robert Sakuta




Livonia, Michigan


Mike Johnson

Number of Employees



1 (734) 793-3811


32971 Capitol Street, Livonia, MI 48150


Realtrac Performance ERP FAQs:

Is there a Realtrac Performance ERP free trial?

No, there is no mention of a free trial on Realtrac Performance ERP's website. Realtrac Performance ERP does however offer a referral program where you receive $1,000.00 towards any additional modules or clients, or $1,000.00 off your next Service Contract Renewal.

Where can I find the Realtrac Performance ERP login?

Visit to access the Realtrac Performance ERP customer login.

What are some Realtrac Performance ERP alternatives?

Realtrac Performance ERP News & Activity:

At this time there is no news or activity for Realtrac Performance ERP to report.

Realtrac Performance ERP Customer Reviews:



Whysosharp -

We use a piece of software called Realtrac. It’s very intuitive. You can create quotes for multiple quantities of the same part, and if you get the job you can create it into a job simply by going to the quote and clicking the create job button. It transfers the BOM and traveler to the now current job, and if you have your guys login into to the operations as they go you can get some pretty accurate costing information out of it. It also manages inventory. It’s super easy to use, I think it took me about a week to get it nailed down and I’m not a computer guy.

munruh -

We use Realtrac also. It's easy to learn. I wish they had a cloud version, but they don't. First we tried Exact Online, but it was very difficult. It's more of an accounting software.

omally114 -

We use Realtrac. It’s pretty good for what we are able to use it for. It compiles a lot of data and presents it pretty well for us, and they provide good support as to features we want added and giving us access to the back end. It runs on a SQL database, so automating some of the reading and writing of data is nice.

Alex Farkas -

It appeared to be cut and dry, yet it provided the essential shop floor control capabilities I was looking for. Moreover, the initial investment required was reasonable.