Free ERP Software

Discover the best free ERP software solutions for your business. Includes details about free offers, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on January 17th, 2023

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Free ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is used by businesses to plan and organize their operations. The software can help automate processes like manufacturing, marketing, sales, and so on. Free programs allow businesses to save money as they increase their efficiency.

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Why We Chose ERP Next:

ERPNext is a feature-rich and flexible software with solutions designed for a range of industries, from manufacturing and distribution to education and healthcare.

ERPNext is easy to use and can be customized to suit a business's needs. It is a great option for businesses looking to improve workplace efficiency.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free ERP Software:

  1. Make sure that the ERP software is compatible with other programs, such as HR or CRM software, used by the business.
  2. Evaluate how easy the system is to deploy and update.
  3. Free ERPs tend to offer limited features. There are only a few completely free open-source options without limitations, beyond which you will have to look at paid options to access more features.

Best Free ERP Software:





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Free and paid options.

User-friendly open-source software that offers a comprehensive selection of tools to manage business operations.

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Free and paid options.

User-friendly software that offers task and project management, communication, and CRM tools.

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User-friendly open-source software for managing core business processes. Includes ERP, CRM, and supply chain management tools.

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Free and paid options.

Open-source management software with an extensive library of applications, including project management, CRM, inventory, manufacturing, and field service management tools. Not available offline.

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Free and paid options.

User-friendly open-source software for SMBs. Features include accounting, CRM, purchasing, distribution, warehouse, inventory, and supply chain management.

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Dolibarr ERP


Open-source ERP and CRM software featuring sales management, HR, product and stock management, billing, and reporting tools. Takes time to learn.

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Apache OFbiz


Offers a wide array of features, including integrated e-commerce, manufacturing and warehouse management, CRM, and billing tools.

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Designed for manufacturing companies. Features include accounting, warehouse and distribution, transportation, and purchasing management tools.

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What are the limitations of a free ERP system?

Free versions mostly allow for a limited number of users only, and there is a cap on the storage space that is available. The exceptions are open-source platforms like iDempiere and Apache OFbiz that are completely unlimited.

Is there any free ERP software for manufacturing?

BlueSeer is a free ERP solution that is designed specifically for manufacturing applications. You can learn more and download the program by going to

Are paid ERP platforms the best solution for small businesses?

That really depends on the needs of your business. Since free solutions tend to be simplified, a complex operation may require a paid program. You should carefully study the features of whatever program you are considering to ensure that it has all the tools and capabilities that you need.

What is the best free ERP software?