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Discover uniPoint's manufacturing solution for your business. Includes info on uniPoint, reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 17th, 2019

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uniPoint quality management software integrates with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which integrate all facets of an operation, including manufacturing processes. uniPoint consists of twenty-five integrated software modules for quality and compliance management.


uniPoint does not provide pricing information on their website.

UniPoint Reviews

Pros: System grows alongside your business. Modules designed identically, which makes UniPoint's system easy to learn.

Cons: The document control module has no searchable fields.

Bottomline: Suitable for all manufacturing businesses, and manages core processes such as equipment management.

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Winnipeg, MB


Dean Antonakes

Number of Employees



1 (204) 480-0539


425 Whyte Avenue, Suite 200, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3E 1V7






Davis66 - alldeaf.com

I think you can try uniPoint software. That may help you get quality management software. I’m using their software for a few years in my restaurant. They have software for every industry's needs and requirements. They provide webinars and training to help their customers to learn their software.

Wannabe_Admin - reddit.com

We use uniPoint for our ticketing system. I don't have experience to compare it to anything else, but it suits our needs fine. Anyone can access it and set up requests for IT, vacation requests to HR, maintenance on machines, general maintenance, etc.

HarmlessDevil - artemis.forumchitchat.com

You can try uniPoint's versatile and user-configurable change management software. You can create, submit and monitor each module from uniPoint. It has a lot of advantages and features when you compare with other software in the market.

Richard G Merrill - n49.com

I work in a manufacturing and distribution company where quality management is very important, especially to address ISO 9000 compliance and continuous improvement needs. We have used a few quality management softwares in the last few years, but we aren’t happy with the features they provided. About six months back, we tried uniPoint quality management software, and we were really excited with the number of features. The interface is also user-friendly and looks cool, and the whole software can be easily learned and implemented. The data entry and report generation is super easy, which makes the whole work process a lot simpler and quicker. The executives from the customer service are very friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and are easily reached. uniPoint software is also one of the cheapest quality management software in the market, considering the number of highly useful features and the support it provides.


Is there a uniPoint free trial?

uniPoint makes no mention of a free trial on their website.

Read customer reviews of uniPoint.

Where is uniPoint located?

uniPoint headquarters is based in Winnipeg, MB.

See uniPoint key information.