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Learn about JobBOSS Manufacturing Software. Includes info on JobBOSS, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 11th, 2019

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JobBOSS is a manufacturing software service that offers job tracking, work flow management, and labor reporting, among other features.


JobBOSS does not make its pricing options available.


Pros: Good UI with a gentle learning curve.

Cons: Customized reports are not free.

Bottomline: JobBOSS is a highly recommended manufacturing software.

Key Information:




Bloomington, MN

Parent Company

ECi Software Solutions

Number of Employees



Ron Books


3600 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN, 55431

Phone Number

+1 800-777-4334


News and Activity:


News and Activity

June 6, 2018

ECi Launches JobBOSS® ERP Software Educational Training within the TITANS of CNC: Academy

April 23, 2018

ECi Software Solutions Releases JobBOSS 2018 Featuring New Dashboards and Enhanced Usability

Customer Reviews:



Bill Morrow -

I used JobBoss in the past. Some of the problems you talk about (fixing some of the data & permissions) can be corrected but it may take some time.I found JB to be a fairly solid system. 99% of the problems I had with it were user generated. And there is also a good community of JB users who are willing to help.

BizDPS -

I had used JobBoss from 2002-2005, and was even a co-head of the New England user's group. I like that it's easy to get into and build on as you go. Of all the full-function ERP systems I've worked with, it's perhaps the simplest to use and provides a nice GUI to work in. I wish I had more time to really get into it more.The company that I was working for was purchased by another firm, and we wound up moving to their ERP system.

LiquorAndExercise -

I worked for a company that had a relationship with JobBOSS for several years. The thing about JobBOSS is that it does it's job (functionality wise) quite well for the market that it is being sold to and the job shop type environment.There are many other solutions out there that compete head-to-head with JobBOSS. Some of these other solutions are better and more advanced and some are not as good as JobBOSS. That being said, sometimes it isn't a matter of being "better" or "worse", it's a matter of "fit" for a particular software in an organization.

Powerlips -

I use JobBOSS at work and it’s great.


What is JobBOSS?

JobBOSS is a shop management software designed to track and cost jobs. It allows the management of day-to-day job information to aid customer service and on-time deliveries.

Learn more about JobBOSS.

Is JobBOSS an ERP system?

Yes, JobBOSS is an enterprise resource planning solution for small to midsize manufacturers.

For more information on JobBOSS, read our detailed guide.

What is JobBOSS's price range?

JobBOSS does not make its pricing options available.

Read our detailed guide to JobBOSS.

Is there a JobBOSS free trial?

JobBOSS offers a fully-featured seven-day free trial of their software.