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Learn about iContact email marketing solution for businesses. Includes info on iContact, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on May 10th, 2019

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iContact is a professional email marketing software suited for businesses of all sizes. Features include list management, personal coaching, US-based technical support, and drag and drop editing.

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iContact Reviews
iContact Review:

Pros: Clear, flexible, and easy to operate. Offers basic but key features.

Cons: Some sections of the UI need improvement. Lacks some robust tools.

Bottomline: Good tool! Offers a flexible and easy to use solution. However, lacks powerful features.

iContact Key Information:


Ryan Allis, Aaron W. Houghton




Morrisville, North Carolina


Kevin Akeroyd

Parent Company



1 (877) 820-7837


2121 RDU Center Drive, 4th Floor, Morrisville, NC 27560



iContact FAQs:

What is iContact's price range?

iContact plans range from $32.00 to $99.00 per month.

Is there an iContact free trial?

Yes, iContact does offer a 30-day free trial. To access the free trial, interested customers can go to icontact.com and type their details in the main homepage banner form. Then simply click 'Send Better Email Now' to get started.

What are some iContact alternatives?

Where can I find the iContact login?

Go to icontact.com and click "Log In" in the top right corner of the homepage, or sign in directly at https://www.icontact.com/login.

Reviews of iContact:



Mona Morstein - facebook.com

Great job making customers frustrated and angry with your "New Coke" mentality. Why would you change your whole look, making people create new templates when they already have templates established on your site? WHY NOT have your IT guys, who I assume are not raving incompetents, figure out how to grandfather in existing templates, so those of us who have used you for years, do not have to spend HOURS recreating the templates we already created and regularly use? I cannot fathom anything more poorly thought out.

Sequoyah - reddit.com

Been about 3 years since I've used iContact for SF, but there used to be a bug where emails that would appear to have sent successfully were actually just getting stuck without sending. The fix was to change the value of some "status" picklist to any other value and then wait a few minutes. This would trigger some sort of update, which would result in the email actually being sent to the campaign members. I'd really hope that they've fixed this bug by now, but I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't.