Best Free Cloud Services for Small Businesses

Learn more about the best free cloud services for small businesses. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on October 28th, 2022

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Free cloud services make it easy and affordable for small businesses to benefit from the convenience and flexibility of online storage. With free cloud services, businesses can access their tools on-the-go without having to store everything on a central computer.

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Why We Chose Google Drive:

Google Drive offers free storage for up to 15GB with your Google account. It allows users to store and create files, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and more in the cloud. Google Drive also allows multiple users to view and edit the same document.

Google Drive offers great data sync capabilities and allows users to access their saved files from any device. Users can also easily organize their files and collaborate with others to share their files.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Cloud Services:

  1. Evaluate the security features available for free and which ones are at extra cost. Make sure you understand all the security features and what exactly they cover.
  2. Different industries have different compliance standards, so make sure you choose a service that meets your organization's standards.
  3. Determine what kind of IT support the service provider offers and how available it is.

Best Free Cloud Services for Small Businesses:





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Google Drive

Free up to 15GB

Offers great data sync capabilities and upload abilities but is only available if you have a Google account.

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Free up to 10GB

Offers great security and data loss prevention but there are errors with conflicting versions of files.

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Amazon Drive

Free up to 5GB

Offers a range of storage options but has a steep learning curve.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage

Free up to 25GB /mo.

Offers good data protection and customer support but suffers from intermittent drops in connection.

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Free up to 5GB

Simple platform with large data storage capabilities but the initial download can be complicated and slow.

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Free up to 10GB

Offers good management features and vast storage space but the free plan is limited and difficult to manage offline.

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Free up to 5GB

Fast and reliable but lacks permission control for shared folders.

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BT Cloud

Free up to 5GB

Offers multiple device allocations but has received complaints about the service.

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What is the best online cloud storage for free?

Does Google offer free cloud storage?

Yes. Google Drive is a free cloud storage service offered by Google.

Are there any free cloud computing services?

Are there any cloud storage companies that offer a free trial?

Yes, in fact, nearly all of them offer some sort of free trial. This is usually for a certain number of days, or for a certain amount of data or users for free. It's worth sampling these to gauge the company's cloud IT services and make sure they're easy for your company to use.

Do free cloud services come with any limitations?

Most free cloud services have storage limits. These free options may have enough storage for your needs, but if you need a greater capacity then you may have to upgrade to a paid plan.