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Learn more about ContaCam business security camera software. Includes reviews and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 22nd, 2019

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ContaCam is a free security camera software solution for small-medium businesses. ContaCam for Windows provides motion detection and live video, and can be used with webcams and IP cameras.


ContaCam is free software but donations of $10.00 are requested to cover the cost of software development.


Pros: Freeware, easy to use, stable, great features.

Cons: Customers have reported occasional struggles when pairing with IP cameras.

Bottomline: Free and simple to use security camera software for small businesses.

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Where can I download the ContaCam security camera software?

You can download the latest version of ContaCam on

What OS does ContaCam support?

ContaCam is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 - 10.

What are some ContaCam alternatives?

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Mar 16, 2017


Great program, not difficult to use. I have a dedicated PC running this software for my 2 cameras. I had no crashes, the up time for this program has been about 2 years straight. The only time I've had to reboot the PC was due to Windows updates.


Reviewed: May 14, 2014


I'm using this app for quite long time and only I can say "well done build and stable" and it is free. The best free app for CCTV.


Reviewed: Apr 05, 2017

Source: Reddit

I am so very very happy to have found this! I switched from Conta to BlueIris because my camera didn't do MJpeg. I've always loved the ContaCam interface, and if anyone else out there was like me and stopped using it because transcoding in VLC made your CPU hurt, check it out again.


Reviewed: Feb 07, 2014


I've had it for half an hour and I'm blown away by how good it is. I have had IP cameras for years - Chinese clones - and I've had untold hassles getting them working with their own software. I've had ISpy in an attempt to get them monitored and saving shots to HDD and it wouldn't run. I've had other progs and all kinds of setups and hassles. It has always looked like a major task. ContaCam found my webcam immediately and each IP cam as quick as I gave it the IP addresses and logged in and displayed. Five minutes later I've got it saving snapshots. Done and dusted. Perfect. What a boon!


Reviewed: Mar 28, 2014

Source: ubuntuforums

ContaCam is a Free Video Surveillance software and Live Webcam solution that runs natively in the Windows environment. It can be used in Ubuntu (or other Linux Distros) through the use of WINE. It is far easier to setup and use than Zoneminder or Motion - in my opinion.