IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare Pricing, News, and FAQs

Learn about IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare's video monitoring software for small businesses. Includes info on IP Camera Viewer, free trials, pricing, and FAQs

Updated on April 2nd, 2019

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IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare is a free video monitoring system for small businesses. Features include support for up to four IP and USB cameras, centralized camera management, full screen display, and various zoom controls. Businesses use IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare for security.

IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare Pricing:

IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare is free for download on the website.

Ip Camera Viewer By Deskshare
IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare Review:

Pros: Free. Easy to set up. Supports IP and USB cameras. JPEG and MPEG-4 video files.

Cons: No recording. No motion detection.

Bottomline: IP Camera Viewer is good quality for free software. It offers many of the same functions of other products. And it supports more than 2,200 different camera models, making it a hassle free option.

IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare News & Activity:

There is no recent IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare news or activity to report at this time.

IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare Key Information:




Sunil Manucha




Plainview, New York, US


Sunil Manucha


1 (516) 620-3152


PO Box 769, Plainview, NY 11803



IP Camera Viewer FAQs:

Is there an IP Camera Viewer free trial?

IP Camera Viewer is free to download.

Where can I find the IP Camera Viewer login?

Go to deskshare.com and click "Sign in" in the top right corner of the homepage, or sign in directly here.

What are some IP Camera Viewer alternatives?

IP Camera Viewer by Deskshare Reviews:



Antonio M Alonzo Sr. - superuser.com

I recommend IP CAMERA VIEWER (free) or the PRO if you like, and the TEAMVIEWER - Free for personal use, but you have to pay for business use. BOTH OF THESE PROGRAMS ARE AWESOME. Save yourselves time researching..These programs are mature and it shows in the design.

ron - hacker10.com

You can also try IP Camera Viewer. It works with all cameras, including USB webcams and it is completely free. Its a very fast and efficient camera viewer. There is support for more than 2200 camera models and also all ONVIF cameras.

Newbie - cocoontech.com

You should try IP Camera Viewer or Security Monitor Pro, both security surveillance softwares which support more than 1800 IP popular camera models and DVRs. These are stable products to entrust with your security needs.