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Updated on February 13th, 2019

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Foscam is a Security Camera Software and hardware company that offers mobile control, night vision and two-way audio, among other features.

Foscam Pricing:

Plan Name


3-Day Video History

$3.99 /mo.

15-Day Video History

$7.99 /mo.

30-Day Video History

$12.99 /mo.

Foscam Reviews
Foscam Review:

Pros: Good image quality and cheaper than alternatives.

Cons: Lack of integration with smart applications and audio quality could be better.

Bottomline: Foscam offers a reliable security service at a great price.

Foscam Key Information:




Shenzhen, China

Phone Number

+1 (844) 344-1113


Room AB, 9/F, Block F5, TCL International E City, No. 1001 Zhongshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, PRC, 518055


Foscam News and Activity:


News and Activity

June 18, 2018

Researchers disclose 7 flaws in 390 Axis IP cameras, remote attacker could take control

June 8, 2018

Multiple models of IP-based cameras from Chinese firm Foscam could be easily hacked. Update the firmware now!

Foscam News and Activity:

What is Foscam's price range?

Foscam pricing ranges from $3.99 to $12.99 per month.

Is there a Foscam free trial?

Foscam offers a free version of its software.

Where can I find the Foscam login?

Go to and click "Sign in" in the top-right corner of the page, or sign in directly to your Foscam account here.

What are some Foscam alternatives?

Foscam Reviews:



fbthowaway -

I'd avoid foscam in the future if you can. My foscam units lasted less than a year.

tatanka01 -

I'd avoid using Foscam's WiFi though. Very dirty transmitter and it'll interfere with your garage door. I use PoE adapters and run everything hardwired.That said, I'm always interested in better. I bought Foscams because they're cheap and pan/tilt is fun.

stibbons -

Another vote for Foscam. I'm using a few FI9901EPs and a FI9961EP. They're mainly feeding a dedicated NVR, but I've got a couple streaming to home assistant via the Foscam component. Easy to set up, works well.

juicius -

Over the years, I've purchased and set up about 8 Foscam cams and notwithstanding some other people's experiecne with them, they've been a trooper for me and provided excellent coverage paired with Blue Iris. But Wyze has better video and I almost never use the PT of th Foscams anyway. BTW, I spent less for 3 Wyze cams today than I spent on 1 Foscam. Can't be beat.

misscourtney -

Alexa has better quality than my foscam. You can use it indoors or out (with a cover), and I mounted the metal disc with a 3M removable strip. My first Wyze I stuck on a curtain rod (it has a magnet for mounting).

Tim Lovejoy -

I use an outdoor FOSCAM for my Ham Radio Personal Weather Station feed to Many Weather sites. Been up for 5 years.

Robebar -

I'm Using 3 Foscam HD camera's with a Synology NVR, and the Synology app with Homey, and its working good, use presence to enable and disable cams, and seperate motion to start recording and push messages.

stibbons -

I'm using half a dozen Foscam PoE cameras right now, and am very happy with them. They can work with a cloud system, but that's easily disabled and they run just fine streaming or pulling still images over the local network. I'm using an NVR, and also have home assistant streaming the front door camera with the Foscam component.Would definitely consider one of their wireless cameras if I needed one.

worried__guy -

I have had a few other foscam models and in general I've been unimpressed with all of them.

HypnagogicDrifter -

The biggest trick has been finding stuff with FTP/NAS support. I'm unimpressed with the Foscam stuff but that was the first one that.. sort of checked the boxes. Avoiding the Chinese govt is a bit of a futile effort in all of this honestly; the only option there so far has been Lorex, but they no longer sell a line of stuff that connects to FTP/NAS.