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Updated on February 24th, 2019

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CMiC is a construction management software that offers invoice tracking, project management tools and financial forecasting tools, among other features.

CMiC Pricing:

CMiC offers a one-off payment of $90,000.00 for its services.

CMiC Key Information:




Toronto, ON


Gord Rawlins

Phone Number

1 (416) 736-0123


4850 Keele Street,Toronto, ON, M3J 3K1



Is there a CMiC free trial?

There is no information on a CMiC free trial.

Where can I find the CMiC login?

Sign in directly to your CMiC account here.

CMiC Reviews:



taildragger33 -

"I was excited to see this post but disappointed to see no responses. I've primarily used cmic by Oracle and wouldn't recommend it. Apparently the accounting side is effective but I'm not impressed with the project management module.Many of our competitors are using procore and I've heard good things but it's expensive.Both of these are cloud based.Smaller firms (many of my subcontractors or trade partners as they're called these days) seem to be using basic quicken and it works for them."

Leonor Stanley -

"Hello, we use CMiC and are very disappointed with their month end reporting. The system does not have a standard report that compares budget to cost through a certain month. When we requested it, the cost was $15k. If you choose Cmic be sure to include a lot of money for report customization. Other customers I've spoken to states they spend $100k per year on reports and customization. The payroll module also lacks basic necessities and is very buggy. We have used it for less than a year and are already replacing it. From my experience, Viewpoint has been the strongest. It's very flexible and has good controls. Best of luck!"