McCormick Estimating Software Review

Learn about McCormick Estimating Software Construction Management Software. Includes info on free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 23rd, 2019

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McCormick Estimating Software is a construction management software that offers count and length tools, bid management applications and CAD file compatibility, among other features.

McCormick Estimating Software Pricing:

McCormick Estimating Software does not make its pricing options available.

McCormick Estimating Software Reviews
McCormick Estimating Software Review:

Pros: Relatively inexpensive and excellent customer support.

Cons: Only operates on a 32-bit system.

Bottomline: McCormick Estimating Software is an excellent construction management platform.

McCormick Estimating Software Key Information:


Jack McCormick




Chandler, AZ


Todd McCormick

Phone Number

1 (800) 444-4890


149 W. Boston St., Chandler, AZ, 85225


McCormick Estimating Software News and Activity:


News and Activity

August 28, 2018

Kahua and McCormick Systems Announce a Strategic Partnership

McCormick Estimating Software FAQs:

Is there a McCormick Estimating Software free trial?

There is no information on a McCormick Estimating Software free trial.

Where can I find the McCormick Estimating Software login?

Logins are only available once you have an account.

What are some McCormick Estimating Software alternatives?

McCormick Estimating Software Customer Reviews:



LoneWolfWi13 -

I've used Accubid and McCormick. I'm not privy to the details of the financing, but I'm sure it isn't cheap. The software is just another tool to achieve an end. For the software to pay for itself, you have to be able to use these tools to win more bids and also also turn around quicker. Both Accubid and McCormick are similar. Our shop also has OSEpro that is integrated to the McCormick. I'm able to do take off and home runs/feeders directly on the software. This is a huge timesaver.

mksmth -

We use McCormick but its not cheap to buy and keep up the license. with it You can build and take off assemblies or individual items. Set pricing for anything and everything you can imagine and it does all the math at the end. I just have to tell it what labor rate and margins for each job. Once you get any estimating software tuned to your local pricing and labor rates you can put a bid together pretty quick. But If im in a hurry or out in the field I do it paper and pencil style. When I started estimating it was paper and pencil. columns for labor units, materials, etc. It was very time consuming. I still sort of do that even using a software. I made sheets that as I am doing my take off I write down my counts on paper, fixture amount, recepts, etc. Feeder types and lengths. Then when that is all done I input into the computer. I learned the hard way that a computer can magically forget all my work. The day of a bid being due our server crashed and I lost all my data. Now if a computer crashes I still have my paper take off that i can go back to. I would suggest you try and come up with flat pricing for day to day items you are quoting. For example how much it costs for a receptacle in a new construction house including maybe 10 feet of romex, the box, device, wire nuts if you pigtail, etc. Of course you may need more or less romex per outlet but it will average out or you can just take that off separately.

AutomaticArticle4 -

My company uses McCormick. It's old as hell but it works.