ChARM EHR Reviews, Pricing, and FAQs

Learn about ChARM EHR, ChARM Health's EMR for small practices. Includes info on ChARM EHR, free trials, pricing, customer reviews and FAQs.

Updated on January 24th, 2023

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ChARM EHR is affordable online electronic health record software for small to medium-sized medical practices. Features include free cloud-based EHR software, document management, revenue cycle management (RCM), practice management (PM), medical billing, and E-prescribing.


Updated 6th of February 2020

Added features comparison with top competing brands. Included information on key ChARM products.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Free Plan (up to 50 encounters)


Encounter Plan (Flexi Pricing)

$0.50 /encounter.

Provider Plan (Fixed Pricing)

$350.00 /provider.


ChARM EHR is an all-in-one EHR, practice management, and medical billing system for any sized practice. Designed for general medical centers, ChARM offers a free plan for a single practice with up to 50 consultations per month. This includes basic EHR software, document storage, medical billing, and customer support.

ChARM's paid plans offer more flexibility with an unlimited number of practices and users. Paid plans also include credit card billing, unlimited use of the patient portal, E-prescriptions, and billing profiles.


  • Free plan for smaller practices.
  • Easily scales to any sized practice.
  • All-in-one EHR, PR, and Medical billing solution.
  • Document storage.
  • Google Calendar sync.
  • Integrates with more than 100 external partners.


ChARM EHR's free plan is limited to a single provider and a maximum of 5 users. Paid versions allow for unlimited practices and users, but the software is designed for general practices with no specialty options. Only the enterprise plan includes TeleHealth services and E-prescriptions.


ChARM EHR is a MU Stage 3 - 2015 Edition Certified, HIPAA compliant software suite with an excellent reputation. While the free plan is limiting in many respects, reviews are favorable for the Encounter and Provider plan. Some reviews on Capterra mention difficulties with customization and issues sorting inactive patients from active patients.




Cloud-based EHR


Practice Management System Included


Record Management


Designed for specialty practices


Free plan available


Scales to any size


Add on services

QuickBooks plugin, direct messaging, eCommerce


ChARM EHR software integrates with over 100 external partners including:


Cloud Creations




Quest Diagnostics

True Health


Emerson Wellevate



Bluefin Payment Systems

Price Comparison:

ChARM EHR vs SimplePractice
ChARM EHR vs. SimplePractice:

ChARM EHR's Encounter Plan is comparable in price to SimplePractice, which charges $29.00 per month. Both provide an all-in-one EHR and PM service with a patient portal, mobile apps, and optional upgrades. SimplePractice is restricted to one provider and a limited number of users. ChARM EHR does allow for multiple practices and clinicians, but limits the number of patient portal users.

ChARM EHR vs. SimplePractice Comparison:




Cloud EHR and PM system

$0.50 per consultation /mo.

From $29.00 /mo.

Secure Messaging




$20.00 /provider /mo.

$15.00 /clinician /mo.

ChARM EHR vs. InSync EMR:

Priced at $195.00 per month, InSync EMR is best compared to ChARM EHR's Provider plan. For $350.00 per month ChARM offers a complete practice management solution with integrated EHR, medical billing, records management, and customer support. 50 hours of Telehealth is also included. InSync offers specialty focused EHR and PM software with add-on packages for revenue cycle management.

ChARM EHR vs. InSync EMR Comparison:



InSync EMR

Premium EHR and PM suite

$350.00 /mo.

$195.00 /mo.

ChARM EHR vs. CureMD:

CureMD's pricing is not readily available on its website, and it does not include any PM services or medical billing, which can be added on for a fee. In comparison, ChARM EHR's enterprise plan offers premium EHR software, practice management, medical billing, and 50 hours of TeleHealth. This is ideal for non-specialty practices.

ChARM EHR vs. CureMD Comparison:




Cloud EHR Software

$295.00 /mo.

Contact for quote.

Practice Managment

$100.00 /mo.


Medical Billing

Contact for quote.


Free Plan:

ChARM EHR's entry level plan is free and includes electronic record software, practice management, medical billing and customer support. Ideal for smaller practices, the free plan is limited to a single practice and up to 5 users. The total number of encounters/consultations that can be made per month on the free plan is 50.

The plan also limits the total number of patient records to 1000. The number of users on the patient portal is limited to 100 with 200 email reminders and a maximum of 5GB of document storage space.

  • Free for up to 50 consultations.
  • Limited to 1 practice and 5 users.
  • 1000 patient records, 200 email reminders, and 5GB of document storage space.
  • Includes lab integration.
  • Secure messaging and web-embedded calendar.
  • Custom billing codes.
  • Credit card processing.

Encounter Plan:

ChARM's Encounter Plan is ideal for medium-sized practices with dynamic pricing that depends on the total number of consultations made per month. Unlike the free plan, the Encounter plan can be used for an unlimited number of providers and an unlimited number of users.

The plan also includes an unlimited number of patient records, an automated booking assistant, and 25GB of document storage space.

  • Scales to any size practice.
  • Unlimited number of providers and users.
  • Unlimited patient records.
  • Syncs with Google Calendar.
  • 25GB of document storage space.
  • Credit card processing.
  • Unlimited number of email reminders.
  • Medical billing profiles.

Provider Plan:

The Provider Plan is ideal for a single provider with multiple practices. Priced at $350.00 per provider per month, the plan offers everything included in the Encounter plan with additional document storage space of up to 100GB.

The plan also includes electronic prescriptions, 2000 text/voice reminders per month, faxing, e-claim submissions, eligibility checks, and 50 hours of TeleHealth services.

  • Unlimited providers and users
  • Unlimited patient portal users.
  • 100GB of document storage space.
  • Electronic prescription.
  • 2000 text/voice reminders per month.
  • 1000 faxes per month.
  • E-claim submission.
  • 50 hours of TeleHealth services.
  • Priority live chat support.

Features Comparison:




Free cloud-based EHR and PM system with medical billing, patient portal, mobile apps, and customer support. Not designed for specialty practices.


Affordable cloud EHR system with PM services. Can scale but not designed for specialty centers. Includes mobile apps, online payments, and secure messaging.


Specialty-based premium EHR software. Customizable templates, custom workflows, E-prescriptions, and HTML5 integration. Options to add on PM and RCM.

Key Products:


TeleHealth is a cloud-based virtual clinic software suite that can be integrated with ChARM EHR. The Provider plan includes 50 hours of TeleHealth services, with paid options available on low plans. TeleHealth features include:

  • Live consultations.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Multi-user sessions.
  • Consultation collaborations.

Revenue Cycle Management:

ChARM's RCM service can be added to any plan for any clinic. Designed to maximize pratice ROI's, key features include:

  • Claims scrubbing.
  • Patient eligibility checks.
  • Denial management.
  • Claims posting.
  • Payment posting.

Key Information:

Legal Name

MedicalMine Inc


Pramila Srinivasan

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


4141 Hacienda Drive, Suite 202, Pleasanton, California 94588

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (855) 571-5557



What is ChARM EHR?

ChARM EHR is a an affordable, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software system designed for medical practices.

What is ChARM EHR's price range?

ChARM EHR's plans range from $0.00 to $0.50 per encounter. The fixed-price Provider Plan costs $350.00 per provider.

Does ChARM EHR sync with Google Calendar?

Yes, if you purchase the Encounter or Provider plan, ChARM software will sync with Google Calendar. The free plan uses an embedded web calendar.

What is ChARM EHR device integration?

ChARM EHR software can integrate with digital scales and transmit health stats like weight, height and BMI.

Does ChARM EHR provide EMR migration services?

Yes, EMR migration is an optional service provided by ChARM.

What is ChARM TeleHealth?

TeleHealth is a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant virtual clinic system for medical practices and hospitals.

Is there a ChARM EHR free trial?

ChARM EHR offers a free plan for up to 50 encounters.

What are some ChARM EHR alternatives?