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Learn about vistA's open source electronic medical records software for small businesses. Includes info on vistA, free trials, pricing, reviews and FAQs.

Updated on November 26th, 2019

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VistA is open source medical records software for both small clinics and large medical centers. Features include standard progress note templates, clinical reminders, graphing, and immunization history. Clinics and medical centers use vistA to improve health quality and better manage health care delivery.


vistA is freely available for download on the WorldvistA website and a number of other affiliate sites.


Pros: Easy to use. Connected to national databases.

Cons: No live support. Community support scheduled for Saturday mornings only.

Bottomline: vistA is practical and reliable, is scalable, and is very inexpensive to manage and install.

Key Information:


Plone Foundation




Fishers, IN

Number of Employees



Nancy E. Anthracite


Plone Foundation, PO Box 431, Fishers, IN 46038, United States


+1 416-232-1206



What is VistA EHR?

VistA is an open source medical records software for small clinics and large medical centers. It is used to improve health quality and better manage health care delivery. Its key features include clinical reminders, standard progress note templates, and immunization history.

Is there a vistA free trial?

You can download vistA for free on their website.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Jul 03, 2017

Source: Reddit

Vista is a pain, but you could get what you need.


Reviewed: Jul 01, 2017

Source: Reddit

VistA/CPRS worked, but it was clunky! The process for writing a non-VA prescription was a nightmare. Trying to find outside medical records was a whole night of nightmares. And, you could populate an entire note with templated data objects and not actually need to enter anything about the actual current patient encounter.

Roger A. Maduro

Reviewed: Mar 01, 2013


It has enabled measurable improvements in health outcomes and is central to our ability to deliver high quality lifetime care to a large and varied Veteran population.