Practice Fusion Review

Learn about Practice Fusion Medical Billing Software. Includes info on Practice Fusion, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Practice Fusion is a medical records software that offers cloud-based e-prescribing, appointment management tools and insurance eligibility checks, among other features.


Practice Fusion pricing starts at $99.00 per user per month.

Practice Fusion Reviews

Pros: Gentle learning curve.

Cons: No handwriting recognition.

Bottomline: Practice Fusion is a good medical billing tool with a few minor hiccups.

Key Information:


Alan Wong, Matthew Douglass, Ryan Howard, and Jonathan Malek.




San Francisco, CA


Tom Langan

Number of Employees



731 Market Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone Number

+1 415-346-7700


News and Activity:


News and Activity

February 26, 2018

Confidential Practice Fusion docs show management expected 5x higher deal. Could the marriage to Allscripts be equally disappointing?

February 21, 2018

Practice Fusion is scrapping free software model after agreeing to sell to Allscripts




Jean Antonucci -

I am switching emr s right now My wonderful small server based emr cannot afford to get to MU 2 /MIPS No wonder I could afford it 700/yr Purchased 11 yrs ago for 2700 EMR vendors are gouging America I am finishing PCMH and struggling with the new vaccine probelm I posted plus my cats are fighting other words I am overwhelemd but I am switching to Practice fusion So far not bad Now very early though. 1 I got a demographics file done for me by Old emr -PF can import demogrhics into it The rest the meds Fh etc you know I suppose I do one patient at a time My advantag eis that OLD emr is always present so I do not know yet but PF seems easy to use And its free I also have mandated e rx for controlled substances in July and pF does not have it yet- you in NY were the first If need be I do Dr first stand alone 800 a yr for while One step forward one back Craig Ross here also has PF I would like to hear fro others To me noone helps us We always have to do one more thing All you can do is speak up The country needs ONE emr

John Nevins -

I recommend that before you invest heavily again in an EMR that you take a look at Practice Fusion. It was the last EMR I used before accepting a faculty position in a residency program. I had used a number of systems before and found the Practice Fusion platform to be by far the easiest, most functional and useful EMR I had ever used. There is a comprehensive support team-very responsive. Also there is an on-line community of physicians who share templates and workflows. It is worth a look and it is free, free, free. Their business model is to use the collective clinical data{de-identified, of course}as a national cohort .Their clients are data driven organization who utilize this large database. There are turnkey integrated office management systems,too.I have missed Practice Fusion from the moment I started my current position.

Seth Merritt -

My name is Seth Merritt. I use practice fusion as well as Genbook for scheduling and office ally for billing. I developed macros which are computer programs that integrate all these separate websites and help us maintain a small staff to operate. Currently we are a combination of seven providers and one Business manager who does all the billings and collections and returns phone messages. The macros help us with those tedious data entry tasks and helps us integrate these different websites to avoid double data entry. At one point I thought maybe a little side business would be to sell these computer programs two other small micro clinics that want to use these cheap, free, and better services to piece together a more functional electronic Health record system.


Is Practice Fusion really free?

No, Practice Fusion pricing starts at $99.00 per user per month.

What does Practice Fusion do?

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EMR software that offers an array of integrated features, such as patient management, charting, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, and more.

Where is Practice Fusion located?

Practice Fusion headquarters is based in San Francisco, CA.

Does Practice Fusion have billing?

Yes, Practice Fusion offers billing features to help streamline processes.

Does Practice Fusion have a patient portal?

Yes, Practice Fusion offers patients access to their health information with their secure online patient portal.

Who is the founder of Practice Fusion?

Practice Fusion was founded by Alan Wong, Matthew Douglass, Ryan Howard, and Jonathan Malek.

When was Practice Fusion founded?

Practice Fusion was founded in 2005.

Is there a Practice Fusion free trial?

Practice Fusion offers a fully-featured free trial of its software.