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Learn more about MarkLogic's database software for your business. Includes info on MarkLogic pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on November 7th, 2023

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MarkLogic is a database software platform for businesses. MarkLogic is designed to be scaled for enterprises with large data libraries so that companies can secure all of their data and make it easily accessible through search tools.


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Pros: Independent solution that is compatible with many platforms and great storage capabilities.

Cons: Many users consider the licensing costs to be excessive.

Bottomline: Great database solution for businesses.

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Christopher Lindblad, Paul Pedersen, Frank R. Caufield




San Carlos, California

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Gary L.Bloom


999 Skyway Road, Suite 200, San Carlos, CA 94070

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+1 650-655-2300



What is the price range for MarkLogic licensing?

The MarkLogic developer version is free. Pricing for the Enterprise License is not readily available online. Interested individuals should contact the company to request a quote.

Where can I watch MarkLogic tutorials and learn more about how to use the software?

MarkLogic has its own training platform called MarkLogic University. With MarkLogic University, you can take courses on various aspects of the software and even earn certification in different areas of the platform.

How safe is MarkLogic?

MarkLogic is a highly secure platform that uses:

  • Advanced encryption.
  • Fine-grained, role-based security.
  • Data anonymization and redaction.

What is MarkLogic 7?

MarkLogic 7 is an older version of the MarkLogic developer platform that is no longer supported. MarkLogic 9 is the latest version.

What industries does MarkLogic cater to?

  • Financial services.
  • Healthcare.
  • Insurance.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Media.
  • Public Sector.

What are MarkLogic's Enterprise solutions?

  • Digital Transformation.
  • Mainframe to NoSQL.
  • Operational Data Hub.
  • Regulatory Compliance/GRC.

Can we use MarkLogic to create our own search functions?

If you want special search functions to comb through your data, you can use the MarkLogic Rest API to create them. With Rest API, you can organize documents and searches through the data according to the functions that match the purpose of your data storage.