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Updated on December 11th, 2018

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MarkLogic is a database software platform for businesses. MarkLogic is designed to be scaled for enterprises with large data libraries so that companies can secure all of their data and make it easily accessible through search tools.

MarkLogic Pricing:

License Type




Global Enterprise

Quote only.

Essential Enterprise

$32,000.00 /license.

Essential Enterprise: AWS

$8,500.00 /yr.

MarkLogic Key Information Table:


Christopher Lindblad, Paul Pedersen, Frank R. Caufield




San Carlos, CA


Gary Bloom

Number of Employees


Phone Number

1 (650) 655-2300


999 Skyway Rd #200, San Carlos, CA, 94070


MarkLogic FAQs:

What is the price range for MarkLogic licensing?

The MarkLogic developer version is free, and the most expensive "Enterprise Essential" license costs $32,000.00.

Where can I learn more about MarkLogic careers?

To find out more about what it's like to work at MarkLogic, and to see current job openings, just go to

Where can I watch MarkLogic tutorials and learn more about how to use the software?

MarkLogic has its own training platform called MarkLogic University. With MarkLogic University, you can take courses on various aspects of the software and even earn a certification in different areas of the platform.

What is MarkLogic 7?

MarkLogic 7 is an older version of the MarkLogic developer platform that is no longer supported. MarkLogic 9 is the latest version.

Can we use MarkLogic to create our own search functions?

If you want special search functions to comb through your data, you can use the MarkLogic Rest API to create them. With Rest API, you can organize documents and searches through the data according to the functions that match the purpose of your data storage.

MarkLogic Reviews:




Ankit K.


The search functionality of this tool is one of the best features! Locating the data you need is so fast when you can enter a keyword and find the right thing within seconds.

Arnaud S.


My expectations for this database were low, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it. This is a great enterprise solution!

Sushant D.


MarkLogic is a powerful database that can be used for many different purposes. Our only problem with the software is that we cannot get multiple users to access it at the same time.

Pritam D.


This is a very scaleable database with great tutorials that will help you to learn how all of the tools work.

Prabhudayal A.


Excellent search capabilities and security. However, the licensing cost is very expensive and this can be a difficult platform for beginners to use.

Tony A.


MarkLogic is a very robust system with a strong documentation network. A solid solution for web-content management.

Keith B.


We have tons of data to track, but MarkLogic is able to manage it all without any trouble, which is quite impressive.

Chhean S.


One of my favourite things about MarkLogic is that it operates very quickly. Speed is critical to our organization, but MarkLogic delivers.

Clark R.


This product can be difficult to use, but it is extremely fast and secure.

Saugandh K.


The ability to create role-based access to documents is a major plus with this software. This licensing cost is high, but I would recommend this product for storing metadata.