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Updated on November 7th, 2019

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Pirate Ship is free shipping software. Pirate Ship provides very cheap rates for USPS-approved postage, with no markup, fees or monthly commitments. The company was founded to offer users reduced postage costs, and to try and offer a simpler alternative to existing shipping software.


Pirate Shipping is a free product.

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Shipping, customer marketing and inventory management.

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Pirate Ship

Pros: Free product with rich functionality.

Cons: Users could find Pirate Ship's website a slight learning curve.

Bottomline: Great product with excellent customer support.

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IheartDPP - reddit.com

I like them, even though they may not be cheaper for small light packages. I like the interface better than Etsy's, and I can buy the postage with a card that gives points. Plus, the labels are very bland and don't cry out "steal me!"

ronnevee - reddit.com

I use it for international and insured packages because they have the cheapest rates. I like the stamps.com interface for my main shipping though.

kjm87 - reddit.com

I just switched to Pirate Ship so I could get the reward points on my credit card. So far I’m happy. I sell very light packages, so I’m not getting better rates on most stuff. But priority is cheaper on Pirate Ship, so when a customer does upgrade, I save 10 cents or so. It adds up.

apantz - reddit.com

From what I've seen, they seem to have the same prices as Etsy for lighter packages. However, I've heard of a lot of other shop owners on this sub using it and saying great things. I will definitely be looking into it more if I start shipping heavier items!

@thischrishorne - twitter.com

It's exactly what I need: easy batch shipping, easy upload from .csv and no max postage balance. You made our $15k total a cinch.


What is Pirate shipping?

Pirate Ship (sometimes accidentally called Pirate shipping) is free shipping software that helps users get cheap rates for USPS-approved postage, with no markup, fees or monthly commitments.

Is there a Pirate Ship free trial?

Pirate Ship is a free product.