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Discover ZoneMinder's free business security camera software for your business. Includes info on ZoneMinder, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 2nd, 2019

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ZoneMinder is free business security camera software, which can be used for monitoring without recording, recording after detected movement and permanent recording. ZoneMinder, which is open-source software, can use standard cameras or IP-based camera devices.

ZoneMinder Pricing:

ZoneMinder is a free product.

ZoneMinder Reviews
ZoneMinder Review:

Pros: Seems to be a capable product.

Cons: Not easy to configure, limited support for various languages and documentation.

Bottomline: Good product, but not without issues.

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ZoneMinder FAQs:

Is there a ZoneMinder free trial?

ZoneMinder is a free product.

Where can I find the ZoneMinder login?

ZoneMinder does not provide login information on their website.

What are some ZoneMinder alternatives?

ZoneMinder News & Activity:

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ZoneMinder Reviews:



Tanky321 -

I've got a ZoneMinder system running, which has worked really well for about a year now. Recently, the web interface has become really c****y. If I access the web interface, via internal or external network. it will sometimes take a while to respond, or it wont respond at all. I've currently got eight cameras going, at 6FPS. My load varies from 5-7 on an 8-core system.


I highly recommend Zoneminder on Linux. It's a lot more stable and reliable plus not resource hungry. It's free also.

jackncoke72 -

I use Zoneminder. I have four VGA-resolution Foscam fixed (no PTZ) cameras connected to a Cubietruck. Each camera is set up to record motion triggered by detection zones on the image, and I can have stills or video clips emailed to me. The system's been up for about a year. I found Zoneminder easy to set up and stable.

whyhellocorsi -

I setup zoneminder last week on an ubuntu virtual machine with 4gb of RAM and 4 cores. I'm using 1 trendnet POE camera, it's not under heavy load at all. Once I got the video feeds working within Zoneminder, it was very easy to setup motion detection zones.

Lumpy -

Zoneminder hands down is the best. I have tried several commercial apps and the couple of windows OSS/freeware ones and a linux box with zoneminder kicks their butt IF you have good hardware.