Google Charts Reviews

View Google Charts's free data analytics tools for your business. Includes info on Google Charts, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on November 26th, 2019

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Google Charts offers free data analytics tools that create graphical charts from user-supplied information. Google Charts is widely used with JavaScript embedded on the web page.


Google Charts is a free product.

Google Charts Reviews

Pros: Enables users to build complex hierarchical maps or create simple line charts with ease.

Cons: Must be connected to the internet to access full suite of tools.

Bottomline: Well-maintained product with solid support.

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bpicolo -

I find that Google Charts is great when I need simple charts. High quality, very good browser support, good docs, and well-maintained.

dudus -

Google Charts got a big update a couple weeks ago, the previous version are being deprecated and all charts are now rendered using HTML5 techniques, most of the time SVG. The protocol also got a big update and fixed a lot of bugs that made my life somewhat miserable weeks ago. Now it also supports mixed charts (bars and lines), so I don't need flot anymore. My advice is that if you're planning to draw only a couple of charts and flotr2 does the work, go with it. It's easier to work with and lighter. If you're building something that depends on charts a lot go with Google Charts. The protocol will come handy, and it has some helpers to connect to backend data sources. It has Google Spreadsheets built in.


How do I use Google charts?

  • Load some Google Chart libraries.
  • List the data that is to be charted.
  • Select Options to customize your chart.
  • Create a chart object with an id you've chosen.

Are Google Charts free?

Google Charts is a free product.

Is Google charts open source?

Yes. Google Charts is an open-source software that allows for customizable data visualizations.

Can I use Google charts offline?

No. Google Charts is a web-based platform that cannot be used offline.

What are some Google Charts alternatives?