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Updated on July 2nd, 2019

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FileHold is document management software that can be installed on-premise, or on a secure private or public cloud. FileHold features multi-levels of security, user audit trails, forms processing, full-text search, e-signature, optical character recognition (OCR), and document scanning.


FileHold's pricing starts at $3750.00 according to our research. FileHold does not provide pricing information on their website.

FileHold Reviews

Pros: Good customer support. Wide range of features. Easy to use.

Cons: Could be slightly more customizable. Clunky at times.

Bottomline: Organizes and streamlines your businesses documentation to enhance your performance.

Key Information:


Dr. Jacek Lipowski, Larry Oliver




Burnaby, BC, Canada

Number of Employees



Larry Oliver


Suite 250, 4664 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby BC, Canada V5C 5T5


+1 604-734-5653


News & Activity:


News or Activity

August 15, 2018

FileHold 16.0 Reaches General Availability




cryolyte -

I implemented FileHold ( at my last job a few years ago and they love it.

jtr8178 -

FWIW, we ended up going with FileHold. It was an up front cost, but low annual fee that was actually optional if we didn't want support. We didn't want something that cost us money each month if we could do it ourselves, so we were able to host the program on our local SQL server. Employees could access the files via desktop app, web, or mobile. I think we paid around $15-$20k for it up front. This as a company with 6 locations & 40 users on it.

Neb0tron -

Check out FileHold. We researched and proposed stuff for years only for something to gum up the works, and then the project would fall apart. I think what I love about it the most is that they don't do a lot of fuckery about pricing. They gave us a pricing schedule the first day we talked to them. Several others including Docuware tried to hype their not so hype features to "wow" me, and then took a week to return an incomplete and ridiculously overpriced quote. Not to mention, asshole sales guy tried to start contacting other people in the company directly without being given the ok or their contact information. That was a bad Anyway, Filehold would do all of what DocLink did other than the direct integration to Sage. You'll find it was kinda weak.


Is there a FileHold free trial?

Yes, you can access your free FileHold trial on their website.

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