Eventsquid Reviews, Pricing, Ratings and FAQs

Learn about Eventsquid's event management software for small businesses. Includes info on Eventsquid, free trials, pricing, customer reviews and FAQs.

Updated on May 15th, 2019

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Eventsquid is event management software for small businesses. Features include basic event website, flexible registration methods, and budget builder. Businesses use Eventsquid to automate and streamline their event management operations.

Eventsquid Pricing:

Eventsquid's flat license fee starts at $3,500.00 a year, according to SMBGuide research. Eventsquid does not list pricing on the website.

Eventsquid Reviews
Eventsquid Review:

Pros: Easy to navigate. Simple setup and good customer service.

Cons: Updates tend to take getting used to.

Bottomline: Eventsquid is a good event management option as it easily fits almost any business model, is user-friendly and well-supported.

Eventsquid News & Activity:

There is no recent Eventsquid news or activity to report at this time.

Eventsquid Key Information:


Michael Kranitz




Scottsdale, Arizona, US


Michael Kranitz

Number of Employees



1 (602) 315-4466


9375 E Shea Boulevard, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ, United States


Eventsquid FAQs:

Is there a Eventsquid free trial?

Eventsquid does not offer a free trial, but you can run a sample event on their website under the "features" heading.

Where can I find the Eventsquid login?

Go to and click "Account Sign In" in the top right corner of the homepage, or sign in directly here.

What are some Eventsquid alternatives?