Find out more about NOSH open source medical software with pricing, key information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 21st, 2019

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NOSH is an open source free medical practice management tool. With NOSH, users can create their own charting and record-keeping system. Nosh can be used in small medical practices to manage patient records and more.

NOSH Pricing:

Nosh is a 100% free platform, so there is no pricing information to record.

NOSH Review:

Pros: Abosutely free and open source for greater customization.

Cons: The latest release was in 2017 and there is almost zero product support.

Bottomline: If you don't require extensive customer support, then NOSH can be a very helpful free tool for your medical practice.


How do I log into my NOSH account?

Once you have installed the NOSH software on your computer, you can log in by open the program?

Is there a NOSH free trial?

NOSH is 100% free, so no free trial version is necessary.

Are there any NOSH add-ons?

NOSH does no offer any product add-ons at this time.

Are there any NOSH alternatives?

NOSH Key Information:


Michael Shihjay Chen


Portland, OR


Michael Shihjay Chen