Orient DB Community Edition Reviews

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Updated on February 24th, 2019

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OrientDB Community Edition, owned by CallidusCloud, is free database software written in Java. OrientDB is positioned as the first multi-model—which is second generation NoSQL able to manage complex domains with incredible performance—distributed database management system with a true Graph Engine.

OrientDB Community Edition Pricing:

OrientDB Community Edition is a free product. The pricing for their Enterprise package is available on request, and their paid package costs between $5,970.00 and $9,750.00, according to SMBGuide research.

OrientDB Community Edition Reviews
OrientDB Community Edition Review:

Pros: Fast with multiple servers, and updates on a regular basis.

Cons: Poor documentation and issues with bugs.

Bottomline: If you approach it with open eyes, it offers rich functionality.

OrientDB Community Edition Key information:


Luca Garulli




Dublin, California


Luca Garulli

Number of Employees



1 (888) 953-9572


4140 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 400, Dublin, CA 94568



OrientDB Community Edition FAQs:

Is there an OrientDB Community Edition free trial?

OrientDB Community Edition is a free product.

Where can I find the OrientDB Community Edition login?

There is no login information for OrientDB Community Edition on their website.

What are some OrientDB Community Edition alternatives?

OrientDB Community Edition News & Activity:


News or Activity

February 2, 2018

Second Largest Mining Botnet DDG Targets Redis and OrientDB Servers

OrientDB Community Edition Reviews:



anonetal - ycombinator.com

OrientDB is a good open-source database that exposes a primarily object data model—the document and graph abstractions are built on top of it.

javadev80 - ycombinator.com

Because the documentation was poor and we found some issues, so we couldn't trust OrientDB to be our primary DBMS. I've seen OrientDB is much faster with multiple servers. We decided to not use sharding with OrientDB for now because it doesn't look mature enough, but maybe we will try it in one year. OrientDB reached a good level of stability and is perfect for both read and read/write use cases.

anonwarnings - ycombinator.com

OrientDB is snakeoil and anyone deploying it has not done their due diligence. The real-world performance is very different to their claims and many features just don't work. Do yourself a favor and read through their bug tracker some time, you'll be scared.

dmarcelino - ycombinator.com

In my five-month experience with OrientDB I do get the impression that the team prefers to add new features over fixing bugs. If you consider OrientDB, it is a database that's quite troublesome. A DB should be rock solid and all bugs should be dealt with swiftly.

@appwritercom - twitter.com

Do you know the primary mathematical advantage or use case that a graph database can have over a relational database?This single reason is what makes multi-model DBs such as OrientDB - so attractive But there also are many other DBs in this space now.