The Best Sources for Office Supplies in 2023

Check out our list of the best suppliers companies supplies. Get your office supplies online discounted, from the best sources.

Updated on January 1st, 2023

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Office supply companies provide everyday business items like paper and pencils to ink cartridges, staplers, paper shredders and beyond. Many of these provide online office supply services that let companies refill supplies without leaving the office.

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Our Pick

Amazon Business

An Amazon account designed for your business.

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Business-only prices on many items.

Business-friendly payment options.

FREE shipping with Prime.

Multi-user accounts.

Why We Chose Amazon Business:

Amazon is the largest (by revenue) and the most well-known internet company in the world. Users of Amazon can buy and sell almost anything, both new and previously owned, including office and business supplies.

Amazon is a solid company that with a reputation for fast deliveries. They offer free shipping on selected items as well as ongoing promo codes that are available on the internet.

Amazon also makes it very easy to return items that are faulty or ordered accidentally.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Online Stores for Office Supplies:

  1. Evaluate the companies' on-time delivery performance so that you can avoid companies that are constantly late with deliveries.
  2. See whether companies offer discounts for bulk orders.
  3. An office supplies store should have a quality management system. Research the company you are interested in and check their system.

Top Places to Order Office Supplies Online:

Our Rank

Office Supply Company



Amazon Business

A well-known established company that delivers items fast and accurately, with a great return policy.



Offers a vast amount of office supplies and donates to charities, but offers less discounts than competitors.


Bulk Office Supply

Features a broad range of options but orders, once placed, cannot be canceled.



Provides fast door-to-door deliveries but shipping fees can be costly.


Economy Office Supply

Requires an in-house credit card for online deliveries but offers free next-day delivery.


Office Supply America

Offers a wide range of products but only serves customers in the San Antonio area.


Grand & Toy

Is a well-established company with a wide range of products but is not accredited with Better Business Bureau.


What office supplies do I need?

It depends on your business needs. However, the most popular office supplies include:

  • Pens and pencils.
  • Highlighters.
  • Permanent markers.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper clips.
  • Binder clips.
  • Stapler.

What is the best office supply store?

Can I get a discount for ordering a large volume of business office supplies?

Some companies, like AAA Business Supplies, offer volume discounts and special discounts for recurring orders of business supplies.

Does Amazon have an office supply store?

You can order a wide variety of business office supplies from by navigating to the office supplies category, or by searching for the specific supplies that you would like to purchase.

Office Supplies Near Me

Where can I find office supplies near me?

Where can I find discount office supplies?

Try Amazon Business. Besides Amazon, there are multiple 3rd party sellers that may have discounts. You might also check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for cheap office supplies.