Schoology Reviews, Pricing, and FAQs

Learn about Schoology's LMS for schools. Includes info on Schoology, free trials, pricing, customer reviews and FAQs.

Updated on April 29th, 2019

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Schoology is a learning management system for schools. Features include assessment management, communications and collaborations tools, and personalized learning. Schools use Schoology to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.


Schoology's pricing starts at $10.00 per student but can vary depending on implementation, according to our research.


Pros: Software is intuitive. Accessing and submitting information is easy.

Cons: No certification management function.

Bottomline: Schoology is a great learning management system option that is easy to use, feature-rich, and intuitive for parents, teachers, and students.

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Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad, and Bill Kindler




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Jeremy Friedman

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Is there a Schoology free trial?

Schoology offers a free basic plan on the website.

Where can I find the Schoology login?

Go to and click "Login" in the top right corner of the homepage, or sign in directly here.

What are some Schoology alternatives?




nesland300 -

I've switched to Schoology, which is also free but has features that address the issues I had using Google Classroom without being so many features that it's no longer user friendly. Again, it all depends on your preferences and how you run your class, but it's just another option to consider.

Shrav -

I recommend Schoology because it is a good learning experience and very helpful. Its fun to use and you can ask for help or you can get help about your work through Schoology which is very efficient. You can get creative through your work on Schoology. There are many ways Schoology could be helpful and fun. This is why I recommend Schoology. Schoology had really helped my experience with my classes. Schoology helped me with my experience because it gave me all sorts of different ways to do my homework, classwork or projects. It was a way for me to be creative with my work.

Liz Hogan -

Overall, I have found Schoology to be a great CMS. Everything you could want to do, can be done. It doesn’t seem overly invasive and it provides an opportunity to keep everything organized in the area. The biggest constraint of this is that you must have the funds to purchase this CMS, all students must have access (a device and internet) and teachers must take the time to set up the course materials and grade book. As with most things in life, however, once the first year/course is over, it is much easier. Content and material can be copied over to the next year, as with grading materials and rubrics. If a school has the means, I would highly recommend Schoology!

Elizabeth L -

This app is very easy to use for both teachers and students. Adding content to a class takes seconds, and accessing and submitting information for students is even easier. Sometimes, students have to log-in to the app multiple times before it recognizes a student’s credentials as being accurate. This app is essential to deliver content in an organized way. I love being able to put things into folders, and I also love that students can upload projects from so many different apps. This app also allows parents of students to create accounts and add my course, so that they can see their child’s work as well. This is a great feature to bring students, teachers, and parents together. I give this app two thumbs up.