LawDepot Reviews, Pricing, Ratings and FAQs

Learn about LawDepot's legal document services for small businesses. Includes info on LawDepot, free trials, pricing, customer reviews and FAQs.

Updated on February 25th, 2019

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LawDepot offers customizable legal documents for small businesses. Document options include power of attorney, eviction notice, bill of sale, partnership agreement, and prenuptial agreements. Businesses use LawDepot to generate binding legal documents.

LawDepot Pricing:

LawDepot's One Year Pro license costs $7.99 a month. One can also purchase a single document for a flat rate of between $7.50 and $39.00.

LawDepot Review:

Pros: Clear and concise definitions. Easy to use.

Cons: Lacking some functionality.

Bottomline: LawDepot is an easy to use option for those needing to create complete and binding legal documents on a budget.

LawDepot Key Information:


Ken Sawyer




Los Angeles, California, US


Ken Sawyer

Number of Customers

10 million+


1 (855) 231-8424


340 S Lemon Ave., #9644, Los Angeles, CA 91789U.S.A.


LawDepot FAQs:

Is there a LawDepot free trial?

LawDepot offers an all-access one-week free trial, which renews at $33.00 a month.

Where can I find the LawDepot login?

Go to and click "Sign in" in the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some LawDepot alternatives?

LawDepot Reviews:



Yo -

I use, which you have to pay for but it returns very nice agreements and its cheap.

Guyseep -

I used the free trial period on LawDepot to generate a lease specific to my area. I found it rather verbose and it used confusing language. I cross referenced it with a several leases I got from my real estate agent and a friend who is a landlord. It now covers everything needed in easy-to-understand language.

valiamo -

I have used this to make Living Wills for me, my Mother and her husband. It was very simple to do the documents and then to cancel afterwards.

Doongbuggy -

I used for my consulting contract. They provide some legal protection as well. I used a free trial and cancelled after I was done. Would use again.