HighCharts Review

Learn about HighCharts Data Visualization Software. Includes info on HighCharts, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 22nd, 2019

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HighCharts is a data visualization tool that offers interactive charts and graphs, JavaScript customization and geographic mapping tools, among other features.

HighCharts Pricing:

Plan Name


Highcharts Single Developer + Premium Support


Highcharts 5 Developer + Premium Support


Highcharts 10 Developer + Premium Support


HighCharts Reviews
HighCharts Review:

Pros: Intuitive charting system and multi-browser compatibility.

Cons: Custom graphics are sometimes problematic.

Bottomline: HighCharts is an excellent data visualization software.

HighCharts Key Information:


Torstein Hønsi




Vik, Norway


Grethe Hjetland


Sentrumsgata 44, 6893, VIK I SOGN, Norway



HighCharts FAQs:

What is HighCharts' price range?

HighCharts pricing ranges from $595.00 to $5,060.00.

Is there a HighCharts free trial?

HighCharts offers a fully-featured free trial of its software.

Where can I find the HighCharts login?

Login options are available upon download.

What are some HighCharts alternatives?

HighCharts Customer Reviews:



gustix - reddit.com

I recommend Highcharts.It has had a legacy feel since it has been around for a long time, but they have been moving fast lately getting up to speed.

Ouraios - reddit.com

Highchart is too much expensive for commercial use :/

Delfaras - reddit.com

Highcharts is a strong choice. Well documented and works very well.

PsyQoWim - reddit.com

If you don't mind using html + javascript, have a look at http://www.highcharts.com It's very versatile, interactive and pretty.

seedlio javascript - reddit.com

Highcharts is awesome. There are a lot of chart types, and its pretty plug and play. Just feed it the data and it handles the rest. I would recommend as long as the default charts meet 99% of your requirements. If you want to heavily customize you'll be fighting an uphill battle

fancypants5 - reddit.com

One key thing is that Highcharts is great when it comes to automatically scaling and resizing to fit different sizes of datasets and screens. In many other frameworks you have to deal with this manually