Best Free Logo Makers for 2020

See our list of the top truly free logo makers, with detailed information and reviews. Choose the best free logo generator and get started right away.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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Free logo makers, also known as logo generators, are online logo design tools that allow small businesses to create and use unique business logos without having to compromise their budget. Free logo makers generally offer free low-resolution files and charge for high-resolution formats.

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Overall Pick


AI-powered Logo Design

Looka is our overall pick after looking at free and paid logo maker software.

Get Started

Create logos for shirts, websites, business cards and more.

Make a logo in minutes.

Multiple file types.

Why We Chose Dezo by Serfo:

Dezo by Serfo is 100% free, compared to other logo makers which offer limited access to their features in their free plans. Looka is our best overall pick, but it is a paid solution.

Dezo by Serfo allows you to access over 9,000 logo design templates, graphics, shapes, and fonts, and royalty-free photos, as well as editing tools, all for free.

Dezo by Serfo has a user-friendly interface allowing you to customize your business logos using their easy-to-use graphic design tools. Their templates, graphics, and photos are all fully customizable. You can also download your logos in PNG, JPEG, or PDF format. However, Dezo by Serfo does not do SVG downloads.

To utilize your logos to their best advantage, check out our article on promotional products that you can print your logos on and use for marketing.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Logo Makers:

  1. Evaluate the logo makers' library and the ease of browsing for a graphic that could suit your needs.
  2. Consider how easily you, as a possible non-designer, can make an attractive logo.
  3. See how much latitude you have to be creative with the designs.

Best Free Logo Makers:





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Dezo by Serfo

Free design, free PNG/JPEG/PDF download.

Offers a large selection of templates, graphics, and photos that are fully customizable.

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Free design, free PNG download.

Offers a large selection of templates and design tools that are user-friendly.

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Free design, free PNG download.

Has a good library and easy-to-use platform, but does not have offline capabilities.

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Free design, free PNG download.

Offers beautiful templates that are easy to customize but the free plan only allows for a landing page with few integrations.

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Free design, free PNG/JPEG/PDF download.

A user-friendly option with a large library but access is limited in the free version.

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Free design, free PNG download.

A mobile device compatible option with an extensive selection of design elements.

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The Free Logo Makers

Free design, free PNG download.

Offers a large library of customizable templates but it requires some knowledge of graphic design tools.

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Hatchful by Shopify

Free design, free PNG download.

The free package includes social media assets but has limited graphics and design tools.

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Free design, free PNG download.

Offers easy to use design tools as well as a graphic design service.

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Hipster Logo Generator

Free design, free PNG download.

An easy-to-use option but with limited design tools and fonts.

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LogoFactory Web

Free design, free PNG download.

Has limited design tools and does not offer ownership or copyrights.

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Free design, free PNG download.

Easy to use but all graphics are sourced from a third party service and there is little in the way of customization tools.

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How can I create a logo for free?

  1. Choose a free logo design tool.
  2. Enter basic info about your company.
  3. Choose a color pallet.
  4. Choose your typography.
  5. Choose a company symbol.
  6. Review the logos generated.
  7. Select a logo and customize it to your liking.