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Updated on February 12th, 2019

webERP is free manufacturing software. webERP, which is open-source software, requires only a web browser and PDF reader to use, and it is an ideal solution for distributed businesses in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution.

webERP Pricing:

webERP is a free product.

WebERP Reviews
webERP Summary:

Pros: Simple product.

Cons: Maintenance issues.

Bottomline: It is free, so it is worth a try.

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Phil Daintree


64 (0) 275 567890


webERP FAQs:

Is there a webERP free trial?

webERP is a free product.

Where can I find the webERP login?

Visit to find the webERP login.

What are some webERP alternatives?

webERP News & Activity:


News or Activity

May 20, 2018

webERP 4.15 Released

webERP Reviews:



@codemickeycode -

Checked out webERP a while back. Got discouraged to research any further about it when I saw the interface. Heard it has got good reviews though.

@doghandleruk -

Just been playing with webERP. I'm sure it's an excellent package, but way too powerful for a humble dog handler.

ardianfg -

Not maintained properly and completely procedural.


If you are looking for something simple then can try webERP. webERP has a very old architecture (PHP 4 kind).