Skyware Inventory Review

Compare Skyware Inventory to top competitors like Zoho and Odoo, see pricing information, pros and cons, and integration info.

Updated on November 14th, 2023

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Skyware Inventory is a straightforward, web-based inventory management system. Businesses can use Skyware Inventory to monitor incoming and outgoing items, view transaction histories, track sales tax, upload related documents, and more.

Pros and Cons:


  • Single-user version is completely free.
  • Easy setup.
  • Option to select your desired features at any stage.
  • Ability to monitor inventory from virtually anywhere.
  • Help button on every tab.


  • No support for barcode scanning.
  • Lacks detailed reporting.
  • Missing automatic reordering features.
  • Minimal integration with third-party apps.
  • No mobile app.

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Considering that Skyware Inventory is a free platform – at least, when used by a single individual – it stands to reason that the software is not the most comprehensive solution on the market. However, our research suggests that it can handle many of the demands associated with basic inventory management.


Skyware Inventory is entirely web-based, which allows users to gain insights into their inventory from virtually anywhere. Account setup is fast and hassle-free, and users have the option to customize their feature set at any stage. Each tab includes a "Help" button; when clicked, it generates pop-up information about key features on the screen.


Skyware Inventory lacks a number of features, including automatic reordering and detailed reports. Also missing is an accompanying mobile app, plus a chat tool that clients can use to reach customer support. While Skyware Inventory’s web-based mode of delivery is convenient, clients cannot use the system without an internet connection.


Skyware Inventory has often appeared in reviews of free inventory management software. However, the software itself, as well as its provider – Open Sky Software, Inc. – have yet to attract many customer reviews or news coverage. The company has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


Skyware Inventory offers a free single-user version of its software. Clients pay $10.00 per month for each additional user.

Price comparison:

In order to get a better sense of Skyware Inventory's offer, we could compare it to leading competitors Zoho Inventory and Odoo.

Skyware Inventory vs. Zoho Inventory
Skyware Inventory vs. Zoho Inventory:

Zoho Inventory offers free and paid plans. The free option includes complimentary access for two users, plus support for barcode scanning, automatic reordering, shipment tracking, a mobile app, after-hours customer support, and much more. Skyware Inventory lacks all of this, making Zoho Inventory the better option.

Skyware Inventory vs. Zoho Inventory Comparison:

Free Offer Information

Skyware Inventory

Zoho Inventory


Free forever.

Free forever.

Multi-User Access

No; additional users cost $10.00 /mo. each.


Skyware Inventory vs. Odoo Inventory
Skyware Inventory vs. Odoo:

Odoo's inventory solution is completely free to use. The company offers free multi-user access, reorder management, integrations with accounting and e-commerce platforms, and more; none of which are provided by Skyware Inventory. This makes Odoo the leading option.

Skyware Inventory vs. Odoo Comparison:

Free Offer

Skyware Inventory



Free forever.

Free forever.

Multi-User Access

No; additional users cost $10.00 /mo. each.


At a Glance:


Free single-user version. $10.00 /mo. per additional user.

Mode of delivery


Customer support

Phone and email

In-app support

Pop-up messages on every page

Accounting integrations


E-commerce integrations



Inventory management forms one of many business processes. In order to streamline this endeavor, inventory management software should ideally integrate with accounting and POS systems, as well as e-commerce and shipping platforms, where applicable. However, Skyware Inventory's website makes no mention of any such integrations.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Open Sky Software, Inc.


Jean George

Founding Date

Mar 01, 2000


301 Hesters Crossing Rd, Ste 120, Round Rock, TX 78681

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (512) 401-9570



What is Skyware Inventory?

Skyware Inventory is a web-based inventory management solution that allows users to track incoming and outgoing items, view transaction histories, upload pertinent documents, and more.

What is Skyware Inventory's price range?

Skyware Inventory is completely free when used by one person. Clients pay $10.00 per month for each additional user.

Is there a Skyware Inventory free trial?

Skyware Inventory provides free, single-user access to their software. There are no restrictions.

What are some Skyware Inventory alternatives?