FTE Calculation

Find out more about how full-time hours can be calculated. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on January 24th, 2022

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FTE is an acronym that stands for full-time equivalent. An FTE calculation is important because it represents the number of full-time working hours that your business is paying for.

Below, you can learn how to calculate full-time employment equivalent numbers for your employees and use that information for scheduling and budgeting. FTE calculations generally assume that a working year has 52 weeks and that a full-time worker is someone who works a 40-hour week. A healthcare worker can be considered full-time if he or she works an average of at least 30 hours per week.

How to Calculate FTE Equivalent:

  1. Combine total hours worked for full and part-time employees over the same period (year or month).
  2. Next, divide this sum by the number of hours worked over that period.
  3. The result is your full-time equivalent.

Understanding FTE can help you to save money on staffing and maximize the effectiveness of your full-time staff. Your FTE calculation will also be very important when you are filing your corporate taxes.

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FTE Calculation FAQs:

Once I have calculated FTE for my business, what can I do with that information?

You can use your FTE numbers to reveal how much money you are spending on part-time/casual staff. Your FTE results may show that you are either overusing or underusing your part-time staff.

What does the IRS classify as a large employer?

You must employ over 50 full-time employees during the calendar year to be classified as a large employer.

What is a full-time equivalent employee?

According to the IRS, a full-time equivalent employee is a group of employees who individually may not be employed full-time, but who comprise a full-time workforce.