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Updated on April 23rd, 2019

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FieldAware is a field service software solution. With FieldAware, workers in a variety of industries stay connected with their office and update records on-the-go from a mobile device.

FieldAware Pricing:

FieldAware's three licensing options cost approximately $70.00 a month per user, according to SMBGuide research. FieldAware does not list any prices on their website.

FieldAware Review:

Pros: Designed for mobile use. Allows users to edit PDF documents.

Cons: Limited customization options.

Bottomline: If you are looking for a field service platform that is ready to go out-of-the-box, FieldWare is a great option. However, if your field service needs are unique, FieldAware's features may be too limiting.

FieldAware News & Activity:


News or Activity

June 20, 2018

FieldAware Insights Transforms Field Service Data to Actionable Dashboards

August 29, 2018

FieldAware Extending the Power of NetSuite for Meadows Service Group

FieldAware Key Information:


Andronikos Nedos, Ray Cunningham




Plano, TX


Steve Wellen

Phone Number

1 (800) 935-0736


5000 Legacy Drive, Suite 475, Plano, TX 75024


FieldAware FAQs:

Is there a FieldAware free trial?

FieldAware does not offer a free trial version, but you can request a free demonstration of the software by going to

Where can I find the FieldAware login?

You can log into your FieldAware account by going to and clicking the "Log In" button.

Are there any FieldAware alternatives?

FieldAware Reviews:



nothin_special -

I spent some time with field aware. I'm having trouble figuring out if the scheduler will work for me. It's awkward and it always requires you to "schedule" a tasks for a specific time and date. I need it to be able to hold a list of jobs in a queue. I asked them how many employees they had, they said about 30 in ireland are developers, which means either they are an expansion or they farm out the programming. They have 20 people in their office and 125 clients. It seems like a small number of clients to me, they're obviously pushing hard on the sales which explains the really great service i've had with the trial. Super great service. I just don't think it's a good idea for me to commit to a software package when there are so many options out there still and many systems are stitching together a number of programs. Ie quickbooks-smart service-ifleet (they also use map point). Smartphones and their use is still so new that i think the market will change drastically over the next year or two.

@Dylan_Hydramet -

Bye bye paper! Hello technology! @fieldaware has been a great inclusion, giving us the ability to share as much information with our clients as we need.