EZclaim Review

Learn about EZclaim Free Medical Billing Software. Includes info on EZclaim, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 14th, 2019

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EZclaim is a free medical billing software that offers integration with other EMR vendors, patient eligibility checks and payment processing tools, among other features.

EZclaim Pricing:

EZclaim pricing starts at $139.00 per user per month.

EZclaim Reviews
EZclaim Review:

Pros: Gentle learning curve and great customer support.

Cons: Updates always come with issues.

Bottomline: EZclaim is a powerful medical billing software.

EZclaim Key Information:




Rochester, MI

Phone Number

1 (877) 650-0904


337 S. Main Street Ste 200, Rochester, MI, 48307



EZclaim FAQs:

Is there an EZclaim free trial?

EZclaim offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial of its software.

Where can I find the EZclaim login?

Sign in directly to your EZclaim account here.

What are some EZclaim alternatives?

EZclaim Customer Reviews:



David - ripoffreport.com

This company is a complete rip off. After taking my $275, they did nothing. I called and they did not call back. I wrote them, and they responded with, "moving" we will contact u soon. A month went buy and nothing! Called and talked to George, and he said they would get on it. Nothing! I went on line to write them, as they provided a response part, but that section was not taking any responses, like they voided out that section so you could not responsed

bombadil1564 - reddit.com

Around 2005, for $99, I bought a very simple billing program called EZ-Claim. I still use it for the few paper billings I do for PIP claims. It works great and is far superior to the clunky and inefficient interface that Office Ally offers. At one point EZ-Claim offered a module (for a fee) that would print the claims to a standard file format that then could be uploaded to any billing portal, including Office Ally. Too bad I didn't grab that when I had the chance. Unfortunately, EZ-Claim is now a bloated expensive behemoth of a program requiring a monthly subscription. They started as a simple, humble and effective tool, now it's just not a good fit for my business.