Blu Ivy Group Review

View Blu Ivy Group's employer branding services for your business. Includes info on Blu Ivy Group, Review, and FAQs

Updated on March 26th, 2019

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Blu Ivy Group provides employer branding and employee engagement services. Blu Ivy Group focuses on driving tangible business results by helping businesses to connect with job seekers and employees emotionally and honestly.

Blu Ivy Group Pricing:

Blu Ivy Group does not provide pricing information on their website.

Blu Ivy Group
Blu Ivy Group Review:

Pros: Strong focus on the human factor.

Cons: Might not be a good choice for more traditional and conservative businesses.

Bottomline: Progressive company that relies on best-in-class global research tools and methodologies.

Blu Ivy Group Key Information:


Stacy Parker, Leandra Harris




Toronto, Ontario

Managing Directors

Stacy Parker, Leandra Harris

Number of Employees

11-50 employees


1 (647) 308-2352


141 Borden St, Toronto ON M5S 2N2


Blu Ivy Group FAQs:

Is there a Blu Ivy Group free trial?

Blu Ivy Group makes no mention of a free trial on their website.

Where can I find the Blu Ivy Group login?

Go to and log in at the top right of the page.

What are some Blu Ivy Group alternatives?