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Learn about 48hourslogo logo design service for small businesses. Includes info on 48hourslogo, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 17th, 2019

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48hourslogo is a crowdsourced logo design service for businesses. 48hourslogo engages freelance designers and offers small businesses a variety of logo and brand identity contest design packages.


Contest Package


Logo Design Minimum Prize

$99.00 + $29.00 fee

Logo Design Standard Prize

$148.00 + $29.00 fee

Logo Design Gold Prize

$198.00 + $29.00 fee

Brand Asset Design Minimum Prize

$50.00 / asset + $29.00 fee

Brand Asset Design Standard Prize

$75.00 / asset + $29.00 fee

Brand Asset Design Gold Prize

$100.00 / asset + $29.00 fee

Logo + Brand Asset Design Minimum Prize

$149.00 + $29.00 fee (+ $50.00 / additional asset)

Logo + Brand Asset Design Standard Prize

$223.00 + $29.00 fee (+ $75.00 / additional asset)

Logo + Brand Asset Design Gold Prize

$298.00 + $29.00 fee (+ $100.00 / additional asset)


Pros: Offers a selection of logos from multiple designers and unlimited revisions of the winning design.

Cons: Expensive. Not a 48hour solution. The average time to get a logo is two weeks.

Bottomline: Good option for businesses looking for a choice of custom-made designs. The design process takes up to two weeks.

Key Information:


Ping He




Fairfax, Virginia

Number of Employees



3765 Perderwood Dr., Fairfax, VA




What does 48hourslogo cost?

48hourslogo's logo design plans range from $128.00 to $198.00, brand asset design plans start at $79.00, and packages including both logo and brand asset designs start at $178.00.

Is there a 48hourslogo free trial?

No, 48hourslogo does not offer a free trial.

Customer Reviews:

Francisco Anes

Reviewed: Nov 15, 2016

Source: Passive Income Wise

For new bloggers, I always recommend 48HoursLogo because it’s affordable and prices are very competitive.