RetailNext Reviews

Learn about RetailNext in-store analytics software for small businesses. Include info on RetailNext, free trials, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on October 5th, 2021

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RetailNext is an in-store analytics software designed to help retailers by collecting and analyzing consumer data and presenting this data as a way for businesses to improve their customer satisfaction and sales. RetailNext provides insights into consumer behavior, allowing retailers to adjust store layouts, products, and marketing techniques.


RetailNext does not display pricing on their website, but a free demo of their services is available.

RetailNext Reviews

Pros: All-inclusive range of services from foot traffic sensors to pre-testing technology.

Cons: Pricing is not advertised without first trying the free demo, potentially disappointing clients who can't afford their services.

Bottomline: RetailNext offers comprehensive data collection and insight into consumer behavior, as well as tools to test marketing techniques before implementation.


Is there a RetailNext free trial?

Yes. RetailNext offers a free demo.

What are the best RetailNext alternatives?