Online Logo Maker Review

Learn about Online Logo Maker logo maker for small businesses. Includes info on Online Logo Maker, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on August 8th, 2019

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Online Logo Maker is an online logo maker for businesses. Features include a selection of symbols, shapes, fonts, and business card designs along with editing tools that allow users to build a customized logo.




Free (Low-resolution)


Premium Logo


Online Logo Maker

Pros: Easy to navigate and use. Allows users to upload own images.

Cons: Free low-resolution download is for non-commercial use only.

Bottomline: Basic online design tool that users with no graphic design experience can use to design logos.

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Ricardo Pedri





Abhishek Raj -

Why I recommend It’s absolutely free, very easy to use – just click, drag and drop, has many icons/symbols/text-styles to choose from, lets you save your design (so that you can continue editing your logo anytime later), lets you download your finished logo in dimensions and background color of your own choice.

Mohammed Athar -

There is thousands of logo generator portal online why i suggesting you only because online logo maker is the only one portal who care for you whenever you purchased the logo, portal administrator delete that logo from their portal it means no one can create logo that’s look like yours. Another think you can customise your logo whenever you want in future unlimited time and generate a copy of logo in .png and other image extension which you like. Last but not least its affordable you can afford the logo.


What does Online Logo Maker cost?

Online Logo Maker has a free plan that includes a low-resolution file for non-commercial use only and a premium plan for $49.00 that includes high-resolution files for commercial purposes.

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Is there an Online Logo Maker free trial?

The online design tool is free to use. When you complete your logo design, you can download a low-resolution format for non-commercial use or purchase the logo in a high-resolution format for commercial purposes.

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