Linxup Instant GPS Tracking Review

Learn about Linxup Instant GPS Tracking fleet management software for small businesses. Includes info on Linxup, free trials, prices, customer reviews, and FAQs

Updated on October 7th, 2021

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Linxup Instant GPS tracking offers GPS tracking devices plus software that aid in the management of fleet, personal vehicles, and other assets. Linxup also offers electronic logging device (ELD) solutions that help businesses to remain FMCSA-compliant.



Minimum Price

Plug-in GPS Tracker (For Vehicles)

$21.00 /mo. (incl. free tracker)

Wire-in GPS Tracker (For Vehicles)

$21.00 /mo. (incl. free tracker)

AT3 Asset GPS Tracker

$19.99 /mo. (incl. free tracker)

ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker

$19.99 /mo. + a one-time fee for your asset tracker

Mini Tracker

From $49.99 + $19.50 /mo.


$11.99 /mo.

Linxup Dash Cam

Contact for quote.*

Multiple Trackers

Contact for volume pricing.

ELD Hardware

$299.98 once-off**

ELD Only (Data Plan)

$29.99 /mo.

ELD + GPS Tracking (Data Plan)

$39.99 /mo.

ELD + GPS Tracking + IFTA (Data Plan)

$49.99 /mo.

*Must be used in conjunction with a Linxup GPS tracking solution.

**Includes $149.99 for the jBus tracking device and $149.99 for the tablet. The jBus device is free when users sign a 3-year data plan for two or more of their vehicles.

Linxup Instant GPS Tracking

Pros: Easy to install and use, great reporting features, ability to opt for month-to-month or long-term data plans.

Cons: Inability to save specific routes for later viewing on the map.

Bottomline: Linxup's solutions help users to track and manage a wide variety of assets with ease.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Linxup Instant GPS Tracking

Founding Date

Aug 01, 2004


16253 Swingley Ridge Rd, Ste 210, Saint Louis, Missouri 63017

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (877) 732-4980



What is Linxup?

Linxup is the name of a mobile app offered by Linxup Instant GPS Tracking. The platform assists users with many aspects of fleet management including GPS tracking, maintenance management, and the monitoring of drivers' behavior. The word "Linxup" is also sometimes used to refer to the company, "Linxup Instant GPS Tracking," which provides asset tracking and management solutions.

Does Linxup have a monthly fee?

Yes. Linxup's clients pay monthly fees in order to use their GPS and electronic logging devices.

What is Linxup GPS Tracking's price range?

Linxup's GPS trackers attract a monthly service fee of $21.00, while the trackers themselves range between $0.00 and $199.99, depending on the contract length. Linxup's ELD costs $299.98 once-off, plus a monthly subscription fee between $29.99 and $49.99, depending on whether users opt for add-ons. Contact Linxup to learn more about dashcam pricing as well as fleet discounts.

Is there a Linxup free trial?

Linxup offers free trials of their fleet tracking and ELD solutions. Interested users should complete the applicable online form(s) to determine their eligibility.