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Updated on July 31st, 2019

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Logo.com is a logo maker platform that helps users create a professional logo fast. Features include a comprehensive social media kit and a branding package.


Logo.com cost $9.95 for one logo maker package.


Pros: The platform is fast, flexible, and includes a helpful social media kit.

Cons: Limited reviews available online.

Bottomline: Great logo generator! An affordable option that sets users up with a virtual graphic designer.

Key Information:


Richard Lau




Vancouver, British Columbia


422 Richards St. 3rd Floor Vancouver, BC, Canada






Elliot Silver - domaininvesting.com

I used Logo.com to create the corporate logo design, and I really appreciate the work they did with the little guidance I gave. The designers came back with dozens of ideas and we eventually decided there wouldn’t be any type of accompanying graphic with the logo and it would be a stylized font.


You can use services like logo.com. Simply go to logo.com and select the "Get Started" tab in the main homepage banner.

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Where is logo.com located?

Logo.com headquarters is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Does logo.com offer a free trial?

Logo.com website does not mention a free trial. However, the platform does allow you to create a logo for free. You are only required to pay once you're done creating a logo that suits your business.

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What are some logo.com alternatives?

  • DesignEvo.
  • LogoAi.
  • Logofury.
  • OnlineFreeLogo.
  • FreeLogoDesign.