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Updated on February 21st, 2019

WP eCommerce is a free ecommerce solution by WordPress. WP eCommerce provides helpful shipping features such as flat, table and weight rates as part of the platform. Users can choose from free payment gateways such as ProPay, PayPal and WorldPay.

WP eCommerce Pricing:

WP eCommerce is a free product. According to SMBGuide research WP eCommerce has paid options, but they do not not provide this information on their website.

WP eCommerce Reviews
WP eCommerce Review:

Pros: Suitable for various industries. Enables the use of a wide range of payment gateways.

Cons: Not that robust. Takes some time to learn how it works.

Bottomline: Provides you a with a free eCommerce site while you are getting your business up and running.

WP eCommerce Key Information:


Mike Little, Matt Mullenweg




San Francisco, California


Matt Mullenweg

Number of Employees

‎Around 700


1 (877) 273-8550


60 29th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110



WP eCommerce FAQs:

Is there a WP eCommerce free trial?

WP eCommerce is a free product.

Where can I find the WP eCommerce login?

Visit wpecommerce.org/your-account to log into your WP eCommerce account.

What are some WP eCommerce alternatives?

WP eCommerce News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 16, 2019

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June 27, 2018

Unpatched WordPress File Deletion Vulnerability Could Allow Site Takeover

June 22, 2018

WordPress.com Parent Company Acquires Atavist

June 1, 2018

WordPress Disables Plugins That Expose e-Commerce Sites to Attacks

March 23, 2018

WordPress Privacy Enhancements Help Websites Comply With GDPR

WP eCommerce Reviews:



gregdev - forums.whirlpool.net.au

We have used this for a few Australian sites and it can be set up to handle GST. I'd only recommend WP eCommerce for a small store with very simple categorisation – things tend to get a little messy with complex setups. The plus side is it's quite easy to write your own payment gateway – I wrote one for the PayWay API so we don't need to use eWay or some other third party credit card processor.

Anonymous -wplift.com

WP-Ecommerce is not a bad option. However, it is “messy” in some places. It’s also not the easiest to customize. I’d agree that for free it’s the best one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option. Jigo and Cart66 look like they’re leading the pack here.

rexreed - news.ycombinator.com

Tried WP-Ecommerce about two years ago, and it was totally unusable—kept breaking. Support was poor, even when paying for it. Have things gotten a lot better since then?

Hotdogman - eshopwiz.com

I tried WP eCommerce but found it to be too clunky, so I ended up installing Artpal instead. It works well, integrates easy and is perfect for my site which sells “one of a kind” jewelry. Once an item sells, you can’t purchase it again.The bit about re-installing is true, so if you want to try different plugins, try them before you build everything out-use a test product.

SickHippie - wordpress.stackexchange.com

I would most definitely NOT use WP-eCommerce, as every time I've worked with it I've spent more time attempting to debug or fix it than actually using it. It's not supported (unless you're willing to pay for support), and they will charge you to fix their own sloppy coding errors. Until they rewrite it from the ground up, avoid it like the plague that it is.